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Kids ski goggles

Which ski or snowboard goggles should you buy for your kid?

You would like to buy new ski or snowboard goggles for your kid but you are not sure about how to choose from the hundreds of models available on the market. Don’t panic, on Glisshop.co.uk, we help you get through thanks to a broad selection incorporating the best brands in the industry, Bolle, Marker, Cairn, Scott to name just a few. On top of offering high optic performance, these ski goggles come with tons of style making them perfectly suited for kids!

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Buyer’s guide for ski goggles

Whether it’s his first goggles or he needs replacement cause he scratched his previous ones, your kid will find the ski goggles of his dreams in our store. Just read our guide and find what you need in our selection.

Which junior ski goggles for which conditions?

This is a good question, every day has different light conditions. There are days with bad weather with low light when it’s snowing and visibility is bad. In these cases, kids need to be able to see unexpected terrain changes. In this case, he needs a class 1 or 2 with yellow, pink or orange lenses. They will increase contrast and visibility.

However, if the sky is blue and the shines, you want to protect your eyes against the snow glare. You need a class 3 for that, with a brown or a dark lens which will reduce contrast. With a grey lens, you will benefit from ‘real-life colours’.

You got the point, in order to fully enjoy the ski season, your kid will need two goggles to adapt to variable light conditions. You can make things simpler though and get photochromic goggles. These will adjust automatically according to varying light conditions. The only weakness of this technology is the time it takes for the lens to lighten or darken. It is not instant but can take up to a few seconds, so be careful when you enter in the shade.

What are the small details that make the difference?

Now you know the basics about ski and snowboard goggles, we can go a little deeper, you will see that the lenses don’t make everything.

Every manufacturer brings its personal touch in the market and releases goggles with innovative features. One major feature to consider is the anti-fogging system, having fog on your lens can literally ruin your day. There are several technologies to avoid this, goggles can feature 2 separate lenses, or have an anti-fog coating on the lens and have venting systems integrated in the frame. In order to avoid fogging, make sure you don’t wide the inside of your goggles, let the lens dry naturally. If you wipe, you may damage the anti-fog coating. Also, make sure you don’t put your goggles on your forehead when you’re on the lift for instance. The heat your body generates will create fog.

Other manufacturers offer interchangeable lenses, allowing riders to change lenses quickly as light conditions vary. You can also choose a spherical lens for a panoramical view, very appreciated by snowboarders. Finally, if your kid is wearing glasses, no need to go for contact lenses, get OTG goggles (Over The Glasses) instead!

Discover our selection of kids ski goggles!