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What tools are needed for tuning your edges?

If you want to keep control in all conditions, even on icy snow, make sure your edges are tuned correctly. Well maintained edges mean precise and smooth turns on the slopes. Of course, you can bring your skis to the shop and get a skiman to do it, but if you want to save time and money, how about learning how to do it yourself? You can find every tool needed in our tool/tuning corner. Sharpener, file, clamp, stone you name it.

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User guide for getting your ski edges tuned

You’ll be happy to have your edges freshly tuned when all of your friends struggle to lay a turn on hard snow. It makes a world of a difference, trust us. Skis with solid traction inspire confidence and allow skiers to ride faster and better so always make sure your edges are tuned and ready. Tools are super easy to use and you can do it quickly just before going out and hit the slopes!

What exactly do you need for tuning the edges?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a ski or a snowboard, it works the same way as both have edges needing to be tuned. And if it’s the first time you are going to do it, better buy a complete set with every tool included. It will allow you to get a better result with a professional-like finish. The first step can be done with Vola’s Ergorazor. The idea is to remove a bit of the sidewall in order to work on the edge properly. Then, you can use a Base Edge for adjusting the edge angle of 0.5°. Then comes the tuning of the entire edge. Most of the time, we recommend to keep an 89° angle, it is the most versatile and durable angle. To make sure the angle is as precise as possible you need to use a file and a file guide. If you do it well, your edges should be really sharp in the end. But you’re not done! To get a better and smoother finish and avoid cutting your fingers, you need to use a diamond stone to polish the edge. Mount it on a edge guide with a clamp and rub your edge on both sides (base and sidewall). Now you’re done, you get brand new edges for optimal traction on the snow.

How to tune your snowboard edges quickly?

During the season you can give your edges a little rub to make sure your traction remains optimal on hard and icy snow. Needless to go through the whole process described above. A small tuner and a good file can do the job. Apply back and forth on the edge a few times and done. If it is too sharp, feel free to do a stone finish to get a smoother result. It will avoid cutting your fingers or your clothes!

Which equipment for your edges?

On Glisshop you can find tools on their own like files, stones etc, or you can find complete sets including everything needed. From waxing to tuning, we have you covered.

Start maintaining your gear by yourself, check out our maintenance store!