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Women's jackets

How about buying a brand new women's ski jacket this winter?

You want to rediscover the joys of skiing with a great jacket offering breathability and waterproofness. Good, read on then. Whether it is raining or snowing, these jackets will keep you warm and dry all day. The ski jacket is your shield against the elements and your insurance for spending warmer days. They are also a fashionable piece of equipment with their trendy profiles and colours. And if you really want to be noticed on the slopes, why don't you look at our line of women's ski pants.

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Buyer’s buide for a fashionable womens ski jacket

Make sure you have real good friends cause they may get jealous when they’ll see your fancy jacket. With their adjusted profiles and stylish designs, women ski jackets are truly a piece of fashion. So make sure you get a jacket that matches your skis and compliments your goggles to make sure everyone looks at you on the slopes!

What are the benefits of a women ski jacket?

Women ski jackets have one mission: keep you warm whatever the conditions. To complete this mission, these technical pieces of clothing carry the latest technologies available in the industry. On one hand they keep the elements away such as rain, snow or wind. On the other hand they help evacuate moisture and persperation when you are making intense efforts. Stay comfy all day and have more fun skiing!

How can a womens snowboard jacket repel water?

Remember when the old K-Ways and other waterproof clothing were repelling water as much as they were retaining sweat inside? Luckily these times are over and ski jackets are waterproof AND breathable. How do they work? Thanks to revolutionary membranes. The first and most notorious one is probably the one made by Gore-Tex who first released a teflon-based micro-perforated fabric. The pores have a very specific diameter offering outstanding properties to the fabric. The water drops coming from the outside are too big to go through but the hot air molecules carrying moisture from your body are small enough to pass through. Moreover, the fabric also works as a windshield. It’s almost too good to be true! Since then, other manufacturers worked on other membranes with similar properties. Now, almost every jacket available on the market is equipped with one of those. All you have to do is choose a model that you like and you’re ready for riding on the deep pow and stay warm and dry forever. The most difficult thing really is to make that choice. Sober or flashy colours, freestyle fit or traditional, there are jackets for everyone!

If you’re ready, come and discover our selection of womens technical jackets!