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Nordic clothing

Looking for technical and comfy cross-country ski clothing?

Simon Fourcade Nørdic offers a large range of nordic ski clothing. Men’s, women’s or kids, there's some for everyone's taste! You will find ski suits, jackets, pants and even socks that improve your foot comfort inside the boot. If you are looking for clothes specially designed for nordic ski, you will find them here. The hardest thing might be to make your choice amongst all of our brands.

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What cross-country ski clothing should I go for?

In nordic ski, the movement is constant and the body warms up quickly, an efficient thermoregulation is primordial. Nowadays brands are producing super thin products that manage to be both comfy and well ventilated. If you want to be sheltered from the weather and to keep your body at the right temperature during effort, it will be important to choose good cross-country clothing by taking into account the climatic conditions and your sessions' intensity.

To create an efficient cross-country outfit, we advise you to play with layering. To put it more simply, you should add complementary layers of nordic clothing to reject your body moisture to the outside while at the same time insulating your body from the weather.

What's the best thermal underwear for me?

This clothing piece acts as a second skin. It quickly evacuates body moisture to keep your body at the ideal temperature for effort and is made of hydrophobic materials with a stretch structure. Its goal is to stay as comfortable as possible to wear while still offering an excellent mobility. The thermal underwear also plays a crucial role to protect you against the cold.

Have a look at our thermal underwear section to find one that suits you. Warm, ultra-ventilated, versatile, there's one for everyone.

What second layer should I pick?

Usually, it's the top of the suit that plays this part. With this layer, the objective is to complete the thermal underwear's job all while insulating your body. Lycra works very well, it's an hydrophobic material that dries very quickly and shelters you from the wind. It's also the last layer used during competitions. Some brands might prefer other materials for their cross-country ski suits such as polyamide, very comfy in use, they play their part perfectly as a protecting and ventilating clothing.

Your future ski suit awaits you in our Ski suits section.

What clothing is the best as a third layer for cross-country skiing?

More commonly called the jacket, the third layer protects your body against the weather and the snowfalls but also completes the first two layers on the breathability level. With this in mind, it must be well-ventilated and also protective as it is your first line of defense against the weather. Many different models are available, ultra-breathable, waterproof, softshell and so on.... In the end, your choice of clothing should be based on the conditions and on your sessions' intensity.

Discover our ski jacket range to find yours. Our very-detailed descriptions should help you in your decision.

Need some accessories to go along with your outfit?

Protecting your extremities is primordial in cross-country skiing. That's why we created a large selection of hats, headbands and gloves for everyone.