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Foot heating

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Therm-Ic Heating sole Heat 3d OverviewTherm-Ic Heating sole Heat 3d Side


Sizes available
  • M (39-41)
  • L (42-43)
  • XL (44-45)
Therm-Ic Heating sole Heat 3d OverviewTherm-Ic Foot heating C Pack 1300 B Overview
Recommended price £170.06


Sizes available
  • M (39-41)
  • L (42-43)
  • XL (44-45)
Lenz Warmer Lithium Pack Rcb 1200 Noire OverviewLenz Warmer Lithium Pack Rcb 1200 Noire

The Lenz Lithium Pack Rcb 1200 Black battery is compatible with all the brand's heated models to give you maximum warmth

Colour available
  • Lenz Warmer Lithium Pack Rcb 1200 Noire Overview
Monnet Socks Heatprotech Socks Noir Rouge OverviewMonnet Socks Heatprotech Socks Noir Rouge Side

By incorporating wool into the design of the Heatprotech Socks Black Red Monnet ensure your feet a high level of comfort, its fiber is soft and breathable.

Sizes available
  • 35-37
  • 38-40
  • 41-43
  • 44-46
Therm-Ic Socks Powersocks Heat Uni OverviewTherm-Ic Socks Powersocks Heat Uni Side

Therm-Ic Powersocks Heat Uni socks promise the best possible comfort, made from polyamide, acrylic, polypropylene, polyester and elastane

Sizes available
  • 31-34
  • 42-44
Lenz Socks Heat Sock 5.0 Toe Cap Noir Rouge OverviewLenz Socks Heat Sock 5.0 Toe Cap Noir Rouge Side

The Heat Sock 5.0 Toe Cap Black Red from Lenz is made of a natural blend of merino wool and silk, which supports the excellent warming effect of the

Sizes available
  • 35-38
Lenz Heating sole Heat Sole 2.0 Sans OverviewLenz Warmer Lithium Pack Insole Rcb 1200 ( Eu/Us) Noire Overview
Recommended price £170.06
Therm-Ic Foot heating S-Pack 700 OverviewTherm-Ic Foot heating S-Pack 700 Side
Colour available
  • Therm-Ic Foot heating S-Pack 700 Overview
Therm-Ic Warmer T-ic Usb Cable For C-pack Overview

This C-Pack USB battery charger from Therm-IC will allow you to charge your batteries by connecting them via USB.

Therm-Ic Foot heating Set 3d + C Pack 1300b OverviewTherm-Ic Foot heating Set 3d + C Pack 1300b Side
Sizes available
  • S
  • XL
Therm-Ic Foot heating C Pack 1300 B OverviewTherm-Ic Foot heating C Pack 1300 B Side

Thanks to their Bluethooth function, the Therm-Ic C Pack 1300 B replacement batteries allow you to control the thermostat of your heated insoles from your smartphone

Therm-Ic Foot heating C Pack 1700 B OverviewTherm-Ic Foot heating C Pack 1700 B Side

The Therm-ic C-Pack 1700 B batteries provide excellent extra warmth for up to 17 hours, and the intensity can be adjusted via bluetooth, so you can keep your hands in your pockets

Therm-Ic Warmer Slim Universal Powerbank Overview

The Therm-ic Slim Universal Powerbank is a slim and lightweight external battery that allows you to charge your laptop or warm up your jacket, so you can stay warm during your sessions in the resort or freeride.


Buyer’s guide for a cheap and effective boot dryer

Some of you see it as a gadget and some others can’t live without it. The boot dryer has become a must for the skier who wants to keep his feet dry. What better feeling than waking up and sliding your feet into a warm and dry boot? If you want to perform this magic trick, have a look at what we have in store in our Foot Heating corner. The small electric boot dryers made by Conformable Sidas like the Drywarmer or the Warmer by Therm-ic ensure optimal performance. All you have to do is put it in your boots, plug it and let it work overnight. It works like a mini heater which heats up the air that picks up moisture before exiting the boot. The liner dries up slowly and gently. Best thing is, these systems are not so pricy. For less than £30 you can get a basic heating set. But if you need a faster system, go for the Dryer by Therm-ic. This one blows warm air from the end of the boot and dries it a lot faster.

Looking for self-heating insoles for your ski boots?

If having cold feet is part of your daily life when you’re at your ski holidays, the self heating insoles can greatly improve it. These high-end products were developped by Conformable Sidas with comfort and ergonomics in mind. The soles compliment your foot arch and adapt perfectly while offering support. The heating system is the cherry on the cake. You need to plug the soles to the batteries and you’re done. It doesn’t take long before the boots heat up. But don’t forget to recharge the batteries at the end of the day! On Glisshop, you will find complete sets, ready to use, including heating soles + batteries + charger, or you can buy each independantly if you already own one of them. It also means that you can replace a broken part if needed, without having to buy the entire set every time you need to change a piece.

Looking for heating socks available in stock?

You dreamt of it, Conformable Sidas brings them to you. Heating socks stand as a high-end product suited for cold-sensitive skiers and snowboarders? Sidas (the expert brand in foot comfort) has the Pro Heat package for you, including a pair of heating socks, a pair of batteries, a charger and a carry bag. The way it works is pretty simple. You need to select the heating level from the 3 available positions and the socks start to heat up accordingly. In terms of autonomy, the brand says it can last 14 hours which is more than a day of skiing! So, if you don’t want to be cold ever again, this might be your salvation.

Come and get your comfort cranked up in our Foot Heating corner!