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Women's snowboard sets

Looking for a new snowboard set for women?

With Glisshop snowboard packages, buying a board and a pair of bindings has never been easier. Browse through our board’s selection, read our snowboard guide if you're not sure of what board you need, find one you like, select the bindings you want in your package and you're done. We ship everything together and all you have to do is mount your bindings according to your requirements. No more time to waste, here is our selection of women's snowboard packages!

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Buyer’s guide for a women snowboard package

You have decided that it was time to get into snowboarding and you’re looking for a set that will help you fulfill your needs. On Glisshop.co.uk, you can make your own custom package and receive at home the perfect equipment!

Why is it so important to get a board adapted to your skills?

If manufacturers excel at making awesome-looking boards for women, you need to look further than graphics and see what’s inside the board. Indeed, every board works differently and has unique skills. Your riding style and level will help you define the board you need.

If it’s your very first time on a snowboard, then you need to look for something forgiving and flexible, easy to move around and predictable. In general, boards featuring a reverse camber or banana camber (with tips raising above the snow, also called rockered) will help you out. It makes turning easier, more intuitive and effortless. Rockers will also maximise the board’s floatation on powder.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced rider and you are looking for a new board to discover more of the mountain or ride on your favourite terrains, then you know what type of board you’re after. Flexy and nimble boards with lots of pop will be perfect for freestylers when more powerful boards with a stiffer flex will deliver higher freeride performance.

Now, all you have left to do is to pick the sexier board, the one that you fancy the most, and get it in an appropriate size. To help you find out what size is most suitable for you, we have a calculator available.

How to choose the right women snowboard binding?

Having a good board is cool, having a binding that matches the board is even better. To complete your package, you need to make sure you get a bindings suitable for you.

For beginner women riders, we recommend bindings with a mellow highback. They will provide a more forgiving feel and won’t wear yourself out after a couple of slopes. This type of bindings is also suitable for freestylers who need flexibility for riding in the park. The highback is generally shorter to enhance mobility and control on park features such as rails or kickers. If landing tricks is not your thing and you’d rather ride on powder, then you will need a stiffer binding with a higher highback. You will get more precision and more support to make your way through the wild.