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Photochromic Ski Goggles

Why should you get photochromic ski goggles?

Everybody knows ski goggles with their various protection levels for each weather conditions. But did you know the photochromic ski goggles whose shade changes automatically depending on the ambient light? If the sun is out, your photochromic goggles will darken and if the clouds come they will lighten up. When the weather is changing, your photochromic goggles adapt on their own all day long to guarantee you a perfect vision and minimal eye fatigue. The greatest advantage of this technology is that you only need one mask to face all snow conditions. You have to try it! So do not waste a second and come discover our selection of photochromic goggles to get your hands on the latest models from Julbo, Cébé, Cairn or Scott.

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Fanatic L Full Mat Black Nxt Variochrom Perfo Cat.1-3Nova II Matte Grey Neon Orange Modulator Citrus GunCore M Full Mat Black Nxt Variochrom Perfo Cat.1-3Faze II Black/Grey Light Sensitive Bronze ChromeStriker L Full Black Variochrom Perfo Cat.1-2Nova II Matte Navy & Red Photochromic Vermillon BlueOrigins L Mat Black Red Nxt Variochrom Perfo Cat.1-3'"Feel''in Matt Black White Nxt Variochrom Perfo Cat.1-3"'Core Mat White Cranberry Nxt Variochrom Perfo Cat.1-3Faze II Yellow Enhancer Green ChromeFix White Black Light Sensitive Bronze ChromeFanatic M Mat Black Pink Nxt Variochrom Perfo Cat.1-3Faze II White Enhancer Yellow ChromeIvy White Blue Photochromic LTS Multilayer Tri-TechUnlimited II OTG Black/Grey Light Sensitive Bronze ChromeFanatic M White Nxt Variochrom Perfo 1-3Faze II Orange Enhancer Yellow ChromeFreeride Neon Green ChomaxUnlimited II OTG White/Black Light Sensitive Bronze ChromeLinx White Black Light Sensitive Bronze ChromeBonnie Black Chrom-x Inner Photochromic Lens Outer Clear Lens with Red MirrorElara Blanc Gold Chic Zebra Flash GoldIvy Black Red Photochromic LTS Multilayer Tri-TechFix Black/Grey Light Sensitive Bronze ChromeLinx Orange Light Sensitive Bronze ChromeCore L Mat Navy Yellow Nxt Variochrom Perfo Cat.1-3Fix Black Enhancer Red ChromeTitan OTG Noir Zebra Flash GoldUniverse Blanc / Noir ZebraProton Rose Chromakids

How do photochromic ski goggles work?

Still relatively unknown for most, photochromic ski goggles will provide you a true visual comfort compared to classic goggles thanks to a lens that darken or lighten up depending on the ambient light. Here’s a little video that will show you exactly how it works:

Here, the reaction has been accelerated for the demonstration. During normal use, this phenomenon is automatic and progressive. You will barely notice the change of luminosity and that’s what makes these ski goggles so pleasant to wear.

What are the advantages of photochromic goggles?

The true strength of the photochromic goggles is their capacity to adapt to all weather conditions. One pair of goggles is enough to ride all day. Indeed, photochromic ski goggles come with an high-tech lens whose shade varies depending on the UV rays intensity. The sunnier it gets, the more UV you will receive and the darker your goggles will be. On the opposite, when the weather gets nasty or when you get in the shade of the north face, the goggles will lighten up automatically. This way, you can keep the same goggles from the first ski lift in the morning to your last run before closing the slopes for the night.

How much are the photochromic ski goggles?

The prices go from £40 for entry-level goggles to £180 for the most technical ones. This price difference mostly depends on the amplitude category of the lens and the level of finish with things such as the quality of the foam, the treatment of the lenses or the ventilation system efficacy. The first point regarding the amplitude of the protection is crucial as it will determine precisely the optimal usage conditions for your goggles.

Photochromic goggles from categories 1 and 2 for example, will be perfect for bad weather days and cloudy skies but they will be too clear for sunny days. Goggles from categories 2 and 3 will be perfect for cloudys skies and sunny days but will be too dark when the weather gets nasty.

Take your pick depending on your skiing habits and the type of weather you usually face. When it comes to true all-weather photochromic goggles, we recommend you to go for category 1 to 3 models. This way, you will get an optimal vision whether you are facing a blizzard or chilling under the sun on a glacier.

Photochromic ski goggles may be more expensive than the classic ones but since they combine several goggles in one pair, this is still a pretty good deal. And you’ll see that once you’ve tried it, there is no turning back!

What are the best photochromic goggles?

Several brands offer the photochromic option on their models but some of them truly stand out from the rest with the manufacturing quality of their lenses and expertise.

That’s the case of Julbo that offers high-quality lenses thanks to their NXT conception. The NXT lenses react faster to UV and can get darker or lighter in record time unlike some value-priced photochromic goggles that tend to stay dark when the temperature gets too low. Julbo ski goggles come with Zebra Light CAT1-CAT3 lenses, Zebra CAT2-CAT4 lenses, Snowtiger CAT2-CAT3 partially polarized and fully-polarized Cameleon CAT2-CAT4 lenses.

We should also mention Bollé ski goggles that also use the NXT technology with their famous Phantom+ model, category 1-3 goggles that will give you a clear view no matter the conditions.

And let’s finish with an upscale model, Scott’s LCG Sensitive and its interchangeable lenses: one category 2-4 photochromic lens and an extra category 1 for bad weather days. With these goggles, Scott’s got you covered and you will be able to see through the extreme conditions of high mountain.