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Women's snowboards

Check out our selection women's snowboards

Whether you're an expert freestyler, an aggressive freerider or simply a newcomer, we have a large range of women's snowboards suited for every style and every skill. Read our snowboard guide first if you don't know how to choose a board. If you do, why don't you check out the latest Nitro, Lib Tech women's snowboards available in store?

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Buyer’s guide for women snowboards

Ladies, if you have no clue about how to choose your new board, don’t worry, our girls at Glisshop are here to help you out!

Tell me where you ride and I’ll tell you what board you need!

If your main focus is progression, get yourself a forgiving board in order to link turns easily, land your first freestyle tricks or surf your first powder. The best pick for you is a progressive women board, easy to use, at a moderate price.

If you spend most of your time in the park, you need a playful little toy, easy to bend and press with a poppy ollie. This kind of boards for women can be found in alow to intermediate price range. Indeed, you can get an excellent freestyle board even if you are on a budget.

If you want to do a bit of everything, then you should consider buying an all-mountain board offering carving performance, with a bit of rocker for added floatability. The board should also be able to handle freestyle use so don’t pick it too stiff. In terms of budget, these boards will be found between mid range and high end of board lines.

If you like long arcs and freeride and if you spend a lot of time off piste, then you need a board that floats naturally on powder while it offers support and breaking power on variable terrains. These boards perform regardless of the conditions. A good freeride board is more pricy as usually, they are at the high end of the line.

Reverse camber, hybrid camber, what does that mean?

Every brand have their own names to describe the camber they use or their board’s profile, and if you’re new to snowboarding, it can be tough to figure out what it means.

-Reverse camber or Rocker camber or Banana:

On a board with a reverse camber, the nose and the tail do not touch the ground. It is what makes the board so playful and catchfree, suited for freestylers. It also enhances floatation on powder. This ‘rocker’ can rise more or less.

-Flat or zero camber:

The board has neither camber, nor rocker, it is completely flat. More versatile and more stable than a rockered board, it is also more playful, agile and easier than a board with camber.

-Hybrid camber, or W camber, or “Gullwing” :

There are more and more hybrid cambers released and every brand call them differently. These profiles are a mix of rockers and cambers strategically placed through the board. Often, there is a rockered section between the feet and two sections of camber under the bindings. Other boards feature camber through the midsection with rockers through the tips. These combinations allow to get the benefits of rockers and of cambers at the same time. Boards are poppy and responsive as well as floaty and playful.