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  • Rossignol cross-country ski
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The snowboard on Glisshop.co.uk

If you are looking for a snowboard, a new pair of snowboard bindings, a pair of snowboard boots or everything at the same time with a snowboard package, you will find everything you may need in our online store. You can also complete your setup with a snowboard helmet, a stylish snowboard goggle, some new snowboard gloves or any other various accessories. Glisshop is not only one of the largest selections of snowboard products on Internet, but it is also the guarantee of receiving a high-quality customer service at an unbeatable price. But let’s get back to what really matters, snowboarding.

What is a snowboard?

So you are a rider of the snow, you wish to ride the slopes on the mountain with your snowboard. You are riding on piste as well as you are riding the web? Perfect, you are in the right place. Glisshop.co.uk is an online retailer dedicated to wintersports equipment. Our staff is made of passionate people who love everything about ski, snowboard, ski touring, nordic skiing and anything related to the snow.
We will guide you through your selection and purchase and we will answer to all questions you have about snowboarding, from the very basics to the most technial ones. Do you want to know what is a snowboard made of? The difference between a woodcore and a composite core? What are rockers? No worries, browse our website and snowboarding will have no more secrets for you.

Where does the snowboard come from?

We won’t go through the entire history from Jake Burton to Shaun White or Mark McMorris, but here are a few highlights you want to know. Snowboarding is a sport that really kicked in in the 80/90’s. Back in the day, snowboards were super stiff with a traditional camber and hard bindings. No fluffy and mellow snowboard boots at the time but ski boots that were as stiff as the board. Fortunately, things have changed, trends have evolved and so did snowboard shapes, cambers, profiles and materials. The sport progressed a lot and riders styles did too (which is a good thing one may say).

The snowboard evolution?

From that point, different styles appeared, freestyle being one of them. Winter X Games were created, a competition of extreme sports including snowboard events such as superpipe, big air or boardercross. The Winter Olympics also welcomed the sport in 1998 in Nagano with 2 events: giant slalom and half-pipe. Note that the Olympics are now home for 5 different snowboard events including slopestyle.

Then freeride arrived in the spotlight, highlighted by the Freeride World Tour (FWT) which is basically the freeride worldcup. Vertical slopes, cliff jumps, huge gaps and aggressive slash turns are to be expected. It is an off-piste competition. With the freeride growing attention, new products were developped such as splitboards. In a few words, they are a snowboard that you can split in two skis to which you can attach climbing skins. They allow you to reach remote spots easily and surf your way down. They’re like magic!

This is a brief overview of the snowboard industry today. If you want to know more about the actual boards, their cambers, the bindings or the snowboard boots, you can find all information on glisshop.co.uk !


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