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Men's snow boots

You’re looking for a pair of winter boots for men or other skateshoes or trainers for summer?

Then you should check out our shoes corner for men. You can find anything your feet may need to feel good during winter or summer alike. From Sorel winter boots coming straight from Canada to the legendary Moon Boots from Tecnica, we have everything you need for walking in the snow or with snowshoes and keep your feet warm and dry. If it’s skateshoes that you are interested in, we have loads. From thin and breathable ones to padded and durable others, we have the shoes that can join you to the pub or ride with you to the park.

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Buyer’s guide for the ideal winter shoes for men

When you prepare your ski holidays, the first thing that comes to mind is probably your ski equipment, ski boots, skis, poles, etc. But one thing most people often forget is the boots you will use for walking in the streets of the resort or for hiking in the snowy mountain. You know how annoying it can be to walk with trainers in the snow. You get your feet wet in seconds before your entire body starts feeling cold. Fortunately, some manufacturers are experts at making boots that are comfortable to walk in, that have great looks and that are super warm. On Glisshop, in the men’s corner we have a wide selection of those. Have a look at the Moon Boots. Timeless and fashionable, these boots can keep warm no matter how cold it is outside. But winter has an end so we selected some skateshoes as well to help you go through summer in a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes!

Looking for durable and affordable winter boots?

Wear the polar bear! Not for real of course, but you have probably heard of this brand that uses a polar bear as its symbol right? If not, you are missing out. Known as one of the leaders in the industry, born in Canada (and Canadians know what they’re doing when it’s about dealing with the cold), try our Sorel boots. These high-end products are made of quality materials with superior finish. Basically, you’ll have a hard time if you try to find something better. These boots are waterproof and extremely warm, suited for the most extreme conditions. And they are so comfortable that you won’t want to take them off ever again. So, if you are very sensitive to cold or if you like hiking in the snow, Sorel boots are a good match for you!

What are the best Moon Boots for men?

Since the 70’s, Moon Boots have gone a long way. Often imitated but never duplicated, the footwear manufacturer has built itself a strong reputation and has known how to keep its products fashionable without changing them. By bringing new colours into the line, or different heights of cuff, you get new models with the same timeless shape. The boots are so popular that the term Moon Boots is now used to define this type of product, whether or not it is actually a Moon Boot!

Do not wait any longer and come get your shoes for men on Glisshop!