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Vola Maintenance Etau Duo General ViewVola Maintenance Etau Duo Detail 2021 collection
  • From From £63.53


Icetools Tools Mr. Lock Clear Black PrésentationIcetools Tools Mr. Lock Clear Black Détail
Recommended price £16.27
  • From From £15.36
Vola Maintenance Etau Ski - Snowboard Etau-Ski-SnowboardVola Maintenance Etau Ski - Snowboard Etau snowboard 2021 collection
  • From From £89.98
Vola Tools Ergorazor Ergorazor 2021 collection
  • From From £45.36



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Vola Tools Affûteur De Racle Pro General View 2021 collection
  • From From £104.52


Vola Maintenance Etau Trio Compact Etau Compact trio 2021 collection
  • From From £122.70


Leki Tools Pointes Flex Alpines General View
  • From From £10.91


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Vola Tools Affûteur Racle Basic Overview 2021 collection
Recommended price £27.18
  • From From £16.27
Vola Tools Affûteur Racle Basic Overview 2021 collection
Recommended price £27.18
  • From From £16.27
Vola Tools Affûteur Racle Basic Overview 2021 collection
  • From From £41.81


Burton Tools Bullet Tool Black Bullet Tool Black
  • From From £19.99


Atomic Heelpad Din Grip Pads pour Waymaker Tour Din-Grip-Pads-pour-Waymaker-Tour
  • From From £31.81
Sizes available
  • S (22-24.5)
Vola Maintenance Etau Racing Etau Racing 2021 collection
  • From From £161.78
Vola Maintenance Etau Sport ListingVola Maintenance Etau Sport Boite 2021 collection
  • From From £78.17
K2 Heelpad Grip Walk Outsole (bfc) General View
  • From From £27.18
Sizes available
  • S
  • L


Buyer’s guide for maintenance tools

On Glisshop, the tool offering is stunning. We have a complete range of tools for doing everything you may need to do on your skis. If you need extra speed on the slopes or if your base needs hydration we have everything for waxing it, if you caught a rock and damaged your base we have repair tools or if it’s your edges that need to be tuned we also have you covered. You shouldn’t need to go back to the repair shop ever again!

How to repair your skis with ease?

Buying a block of wax and a waxing iron is a good start, but if you want to be able to work properly, check out what we have in store. You’ll discover that waxing tables (or workbenches) are super convenient and make the job easier. If you have ever tried to wax your skis on sawhorses you know what we are talking about. Skis tend to slip and you need to be careful not to drop them on the floor with hot wax on. These problems are over with these tables. Moreover, Vola makes some that are foldable, light and easily transportable, perfect for being brought to your ski trip!

Looking for a good workbench to help you work on your skis comfortably?

You are going to like our racing workbench. This professional equipment provides a rock solid stability regardless of your size. The telescopic legs can adjust easily to any length allowing tall or small people to work easily. The wide wooden surface allows you to sit your skis or board and have the tools you need aside. You can wax or repair your base or tune your edges easily. If you have several pairs to fix, this is ideal for working faster.

Where can you find replacement soles for your ski boots?

You shouldn’t need to change your ski boots outsoles too often but it can happen and once again, we are here to help. We have a large selection of replacement outsoles helping you maximise your boots lifespan. You can also find touring outsoles by Atomic designed to turn your Waymaker Carbon boots into real touring boots compatible with Low Tech bindings. These specific outsoles provide a better traction than regular soles. We also have Scarpa or Tecnica outsoles if needed. So, make sure you are equipped with the right tools and equipment, you will save time and money and you will learn how to give your skis a treat!

Discover our selection of tools available for sale!