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Snow shovels

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How to pick your avalanche shovel?

Between Black Diamond shovels, ARVA shovels, BCA shovels or other shovels from K2, Ortovox, Picture or Pieps, the least we can say is that there is a range to choose from and making this choice can be a problem for those who are not familiar with avalanche shovels. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right shovel from our mountain safety corner:

Looking for a snow shovel for ski touring?

You are into ski touring, whether it is with your friend or with the mountaineering club. If you like to enjoy the scenery of a spring day and you are not much into risky challenges, then an inexpensive shovel like the Ortovox Economic II is good. It is light in your bag and even if the blade is made of plastic it will allow you to shovel efficiently.

Looking for a sturdy shovel that can withstand tougher conditions?

Better go for an aluminium shovel, it is harder and more durable than a plastic shovel. We have the ARVA Access TS shovel for instance or the Ortovox Badger snow shovel. With this kind of metallic shovel, you can even build igloos or kickers if you like.

Looking for the best shovel available?

More durable, more robust and most importantly more functional than low-end shovels, high-end shovels are way more efficient. The ARVA OVO AXE shovel for example is made of aluminium which makes it more resistant, the blade won’t break when snow is all packed up and rock-hard. The OVO AXE also turns into an icepick allowing you to break hard crust easily. Now you know the basics in terms of avalanche shovels, you can make your pick, or you can go for the entire set including transceiver, shovel and probe .