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Short skis

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+ bindings Rossignol Alpine Ski Free'Zb Xpress Overview EXTRA 15% OFF
Recommended price £268.71
  • From From £228.48

The Rossignol short ski Free’Zb Xpress is a fun and playful model designed to have a ball on piste. Manoeuvrability and ease of use guaranteed.

Sizes available
  • 118
  • 138
+ bindings Swallow Alpine Ski Promethium Yellow Femme Promethium-Yellow EXTRA 15% OFF
Recommended price £250.79
  • From From £143.28
Sizes available
  • 123
Swallow Alpine Ski Promethium Yellow Femme Promethium-YellowSwallow Alpine Ski Promethium Yellow Femme Promethium-base EXTRA 15% OFF
Recommended price £152.23
  • From From £76.12
Sizes available
  • 123
+ bindings Salomon Ski set Shortmax 125 + Lithium 10 L90 Black OverviewSalomon Ski set Shortmax 125 + Lithium 10 L90 Black Back
Recommended price £295.59
  • From From £223.91

The Shortmax 125 from Salomon is a short ski with only one objective: loads of fun! A real toy made to link turns and tricks!

Sizes available
  • 125
+ bindings Elan Alpine Ski Freeline Camo Overview EXTRA 15% OFF
Recommended price £268.71
  • From From £214.95

The Freeline Camo Elan ski is super easy to handle so get ready for hours of fun on the slopes. A beginner ski made for big thrills!

Sizes available
  • 125


Buyer’s guide for a short ski package

Our packages include a pair of short skis (used to be known as snowblades), shorter than traditional skis, and a pair of alpine bindings offering optimal safety. The selection is quick and easy and our skimen will fit your bindings precisely and according to your needs thanks to the form you will complete when placing your order.

Why should you go for short skis rather than traditional skis?

As the name suggests, short skis are a lot shorter than traditional skis and generally come in a length varying between 100cm and 140cm. This means short skis are more agile than longer skis and feel more lively, however, they are not as stable. The main benefit you get in riding them is their easiness. They are so easy to use that even if you have never skied before you should be able to link turns within a couple of runs. And if you have been rollerblading or ice skating, you won’t even need a couple of runs, you’ll master your short ski package from the first run on.

But short skis imply short edges and low stability. With these sticks, balance is key. You cannot lean too far forward or sit back on your skis, you will be constantly adjusting your balance and your thighs will be working at all times. Arcing with the skis feels very different than with traditional skis because the running edge length is reduced and so is the grip. You won’t be able to ski as fast as with longer skis. Some models are available in different lengths though allowing skiers to find the ski that matches his needs. Longer skis are more stable while the shorter ones feel incredibly nimble. Short skis in general are designed with fun in mind. They are very playful and allow every skier to ski the mountain as if it was their own personal playground.

Are bindings used on short skis safe enough?

A while ago, short skis were known as snowblades and their bindings did not release when you fell. Fortunately, things have changed and Glisshop’s short ski packages carry real alpine bindings that release the boot in case of shocks or impacts. Entry-of-range bindings often release only from the heel piece when high-end bindings can release from heel and toe pieces. Whichever binding you go for, our skimen will adjust them according to your needs so you can ski with peace of mind. You will receive in your package short skis that are ready to use out of the box. Another great thing about short skis, they fit in every car’s trunk! And in case you wonder what ski boots you should use with short skis, have a look at our boot corner and select some with a low flex rate for added comfort and forgiveness.

Well, now you know everything, all that’s left to do is pick your favourite model amongst our brands.

Salomon short ski, Elan short ski, Rossignol short ski.