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Kids helmets

Which ski helmet for your kid?

It doesn’t matter if your kid is skiing or snowboarding, or if he is a beginner or an expert, he must wear a ski helmet! The helmet will protect him from a head injury in case of a fall or a collision with a tree, a rock, or another rider. Glisshop.co.uk has a large range of kids ski helmets and visor ski helmets. From the most basic models to the most technical ones, they all deliver optimal protection and make sure your kids’ heads stay safe this winter!

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Buyer’s guide for a kids ski helmet

In ski schools, wearing a helmet is compulsory and it should be the case everywhere. Your kid may be skiing on green runs or riding like a pro on powder, he can always fall on his head or hit somebody. Wearing a ski helmet can save your life!

How to choose a kids ski helmet?

First of all, you need to know that every helmet sold by Glisshop.co.uk meets the European standard CE-EN 1077. This means whichever helmet you pick, you will always be protected. Your choice has to be made according to other criteria such as lightweight, shape, comfort and other additional features. The lighter a helmet is, the more comfortable. Wearing a helmet and not feeling it is great. There are two main types of construction. The traditional one features two separate parts, outer and inner shells, or the In-Mold construction with a helmet built in one block. The latter are generally lighter. Then comes the shape. Beginners will be happy with a simple helmet when racers or skiers who ride fast want something offering more protection, with stiff ear pads or even a chin guard. A good venting system is welcome too, it helps regulate the head temperature and enhances moisture wicking.

If you want something convenient, look at the foams and pads inside the helmet. Some are removable and washable which is a nice asset.

Finally, your child may want to listen to music. Certain helmets are compliant with audio systems, others have an integrated built-in audio-system. Careful though, listening to music when skiing can be dangerous as you don’t hear what’s around, so make sure he uses it wisely.

What is the lifespan of a ski helmet?

This is a point that’s often overlooked and yet it’s an important one because a ski helmet has a limited lifespan. Due to UV rays, extreme temperatures and conditions, a helmet becomes weaker and weaker. Most manufacturers recommend to change it every 3 years. Don’t go past 5 years and if it receives a strong impact before that, change it immediately.

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