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Clothing accessories

What accessories for your ski setup?

We all know it, sometimes even the smallest thing can turn your day into a nightmare. It is important to select your accessories carefully. A good beanie and a neckwarmer will keep you warm and comfortable when the wind is blowing on the chairlift. Forget them and it will ruin your day and your mood! We also have a range of accessories for spring time, caps, hats, belts and more will keep your style up for you lay low on the beach.

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Buyer’s Guide for your wear accessories

Whatever the season, winter or summer, our accessory corner carries everything you may need and find useful. If you want to get all bundled up and if you pay attention to details, do check it out! It is also a great place to find original presents for your friends. We have about 200 products for sale all manufactured by the best brands of the clothing industry. Headbands, beanie, hats, caps, scarfs or neckwarmers, you name it!

Looking for a beanie to cover your head and stay warm?

The head is one of the most sensitive part of the human body in terms of temperature changes. Covering it with a beanie will help you stay warm when it’s freezing cold outside. Pick the style you like, from Picture Organic Clothing, DC, Nitro or Roxy, the beanies we have are all effective at keeping your head warm. And if you are really not friend with the cold, we also have furry hats to make sure you are totally insulated! Then, pick your colour, pattern, with or without a pom and enjoy!

How to use a neckwarmer?

Don’t forget to take it when you’re going out for the slopes. The neckwarmer or buff is a simple thing but it is very effective and versatile. It looks pretty much like a pipe of fabric that can be worn in many different ways. You can wear it around your neck, pretty much like a scarf, to keep your throat warm no matter how windy it is. But the best thing is that if it gets really cold you can pull it over your face up to your nose and protect your mouth. Want more? Pull the back above your head and you have a hood on. Too warm? Pull the bottom above your eyes and it turns into a head band. It’s like having 4 different accessories in one! They are generally made of synthetic fibre or merinos wool. The former are cheaper, the latter are warmer even when wet.

Which bandana for cranking up your style?

If you tend to ride fast, you are probably familiar with the uncomfortable feel of having the cold wind on your face. Or if you ride on powder, you know it can easily enter your mouth and it’s not the nicest thing ever. Fortunately bandanas can help. They feature a small hole to let you breathe and have velcro straps at the back for easy adjustability. If the most popular brand is probably Airhole, you can also check the products made by Coal and Norrona.

How about wearing a cap during summer or warm spring days?

Winter doesn’t last forever and we all know after the snow comes the sun. Some of you skate, some others ride a wakeboard or just go to the beach. In any case, you can find on Glisshop a wide range of caps to stay cool when the sun shines!

Have a look at our wear accessory corner!