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Women's touring sets

Feeling like discovering the joys of touring with your own ski package for women?

With women ski packages, touring has never been easier. Whether you’re new to the sport or you are an expert tourer, there has to be the women ski set you need. Pick your touring skis, narrow and light if you look for uphill performance, or wider if you have more fun on the descent. Then, select the binding of your choice, traditional ones or high-end low-tec, and our skimen will mount and adjust them for you.

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Buyer’s guide for a women ski package

You have discovered ski touring last year and you want to buy your own equipment, adapted to your needs. Good news! We will help you out. We have a large selection of touring ski packages suited for every women out there. We are happy to mount and adjust the bindings for you to make sure you make most out of your equipment.

Which ski in your touring package?

Before buying your climbing skins and go venture through the mountain, you need to get the skis! Only you will know what type you need. Do you plan to do long tours in the mountain and spend the night in a refuge? Or you’d rather spend less time skinning up and more time skiing down on powder? You may also want a versatile ski that can tour if you feel like it but that can also handle traditonal skiing on piste.

In the first case, for climbing every 4000’s in the Alps, you will need ultra light and pretty narrow skis so you can climb endlessly. Look at women packages including skis with a waist under 90mm and with a weight under 1000 grams per ski. This type of ski does not excel on the downhill, the most important thing being to burn as little calories as possible for climbing high and fast.

However, if your favorite part of a tour is the descent on wide powdery slopes, then you want a mid-fat or a fat free-touring ski with a waist sizing at 100mm. Heavier for climbing, they require greater efforts to reach the peak but they will give you a blast on the downhill! They float better and handle speed better.

Finally, last option and perhaps the most suitable for the biggest crowd of skiers, a versatile touring ski package that can handle on and off piste skiing easily. For these skis, a waist around 90mm and a flat tail will ensure optimal floatation and high manoeuverability. The ski remains precise on groomed snow and suited for climbing. The Dynastar Cham 2.0 87 Women or the Salomon Q88 Lux are two great examples of skis in this category.

What are the best models of touring bindings?

In terms of bindings, there are the traditional ones, with plates. They look like alpine bindings. In case of a fall, they release the boot from the toe piece and the heel piece for optimal safety. Their weakness: they are pretty heavy. If you want something a lot lighter for your women package, there are the bindings with inserts like the famous TLT by Dynafit. They are the lightest bindings available on the market. Their weakness: they require specific ski boots. In order to make safer touring bindings, manufacturers have released insert bindings like the Dynafit Beast or the Diamir Vipec, capable of releasing the boot from heel and toe.

Now, all yo have to do is pick your binding, complete the form in order to help our skimen adjust the bindings for you, and wait for the delivery man to show up.