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Snowboard sets

What snowboard gear do I need?

On Glisshop we have one of the largest selections of snowboard packages available on the Internet. A snowboard package includes a snowboard and a pair of bindings. We recommend the snowboard package to riders buying their equipment for the first time or to those who want to change their entire setup and get a better discount. The idea with buying a snowboard package on glisshop is that you will get a selection of bindings adapted to your board, custom advices, and a better price than if you were buying the board and the bindings separately. If you have no clue about the kind of board you need, we recommend a quick read of our snowboard buyer's guide. There you can learn the basics of a snowboard, it will help you understand your needs better. You can also check our shape guide, camber guide or splitboard guide if you are into touring and climbing. Of course we have products suited for the entire family with men's snowboard packages, women's snowboard packages and kids snowboard packages as well as a selection wide snowboards dedicated to big feets !

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I) How to choose your snowboard set?

One rider, one board, tons of options : you have to choose your set according to your level, your style and your needs. It is important to know this before buying.

1) Define your level :

Beginner - Intermediate : Occasional rider still learning the basics. You ride only on piste and make technical mistakes.

Advanced : You ride regularly and feel comfortable on any kinds of terrain. You ride flawlessly with very few mistakes.

Expert : Physical and agressive rider, you have a great technique and ride easily anywhere on the mountain.

2) Define your style:

Freeride : Directional board designed for riding on soft and fresh snow but that works very well on piste or groomed snow.

Freeride All-mountain : The board is designed for piste riding, it features a directional shape and allows powder forays.

Freestyle All-mountain : Freestyle-oriented all-terrain board. Its profile and shape make it perform everywhere on the mountain.

Freestyle : Primarily intended for park and street use, the board is short and light, generally softer than average. It allows easy switch riding.

II) Bindings included in packages

The bindings we include in our snowboard packages are carefully selected according to the board's category and level. For one board, we offer one or more binding options allowing you to custom your package and find the right match. Unlike our ski packages, Glisshop.co.uk does not mount the bindings on snowboards. For more details about mounting and fitting bindings, please visit our Binding menu on our website.

III) Glisshop tips:

  • Try to rate your riding level
  • Get in touch with Glisshop staff to help you find the board that best suits you
  • Don't forget to maintain your snowboard gear on a regular basis

Well, now all that’s left to do is to pick your favourite brand. Glisshop has loads in store, here are just a few: Apo, Bataleon, Borealis, Burton, Capita, DC, Drake, Gnu, Jones, K2Lib Tech, Lobster, Niche, Nidecker, Nitro, Palmer, Ride, Rome, Roxy, Rossignol, Salomon, Slash, Verdad and Yes! Discover also our snowboard collections 2018, 2019 and 2020 !