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Skins accessories

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Colltex Climbing skins accessory Pro Skin Overview 2022 Winter


Colltex Climbing skins accessory Chape Alu Overview French Days
Colltex Climbing skins accessory Colle Silicone Adhésive Overview 2022 Winter

This two-component silicone adhesive developed by Colltex will allow you to re-glue the skins of your touring skis or your splitboard. 

Colltex Climbing skins accessory Colle Tube 75ml Overview 2022 Winter




Buyer’s guide for skins’ accessories

The skins are a major element in touring, and each skier must cherish them. Despite the progress made in the last few years, skins are still very fragile and need to be carefully maintained. This is why, at Glisshop.co.uk, we have all the necessary tools and products for you to rejuvenate your skins season after season.

How to reglue your skins?

When your skins begin to come off the ski while in use or when they make long threads of glue as you take them off, it means it’s time to reglue them.

There are 3 methods to do so:

Use a re-glueing spray: it is quick and easy but not very effective in the long term. It is a good fix while you are on tour. Spread glue with a spatula. This is more effective than the previous solution and lasts longer, but it can be difficult to get a perfectly flat surface.

The best way to do it and the most durable as well is a glue roll and an iron.

To make sure the operation is a success, we recommend to take off the old glue with a self-heating scraper. Put the new glue roll on the ski and trim it with a cutter. Then, put the trimmed roll on the skin and heat it up with the iron. The glue will transfer from the roll to the skin. Let it cool for a few hours before pealing off the the roll. This is it. Your skin is ready.

But if these methods seem like it is too much work, you can buy the new generation of skins like the Gecko ones. Thanks to a silicon coating, the skin sticks without glue. It is a bit like magic.

How to make sure that the snow doesn’t stick to the skin?

If you have never experienced it, you will when you will have to go through wet and sticky snow. In order to avoid this, you can find products that avoid the snow to stick to the skin, making it more waterproof. It can be a liquid or a block of wax.

Are you looking for a complete set to trim your skins by yourself?

Once you have selected the skins you like, you can find in our store the accessories you need for trimming them to your skis including specific cutters. When you trim your skins, always cut them a few millimeters narrower than your skis so it doesn’t cover the ski edges. You will also find tip and tail connectors to make sure your skin is properly attached.