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Back protectors

What is the best back protector available?

The back protector is your best option to keep your backbone and vertebra in one piece. You have to wear it if you ride the park a lot, it can really save you from serious injuries. Many pro riders wear them and you should do the same! With over 20 models of back protectors, our accessory shop has your back covered. You can find basic protectors shielding only the critical areas of your back that sell at an attractive price, or longer protectors as well as jackets integrating a back protector and various paddings.

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Buyer’s guide for a back protector

Back injuries are the second most dangerous injuries after head injuries. Consequences can be dramatic. Fall on your back after a jump in the snowpark or after a cliff jump in the backcountry and you may never walk again. This is why wearing a back protector is so important. It doesn’t do magic, it’s not going to help you avoid falling, but at least, if you do so, it will protect your back and let you walk (or ski) away.

How expensive is a good back protector?

The most affordable protector is the simplest one with two shoulder straps and a hip strap. It protects the critical areas of your back but it may not be the most comfortable option. Top shelf products are more comfy to wear, they look like jackets and have the protectors integrated to it with extra paddings here and there. Basically, the more expensive it gets, the lighter and the more comfortable it is so it really depends on how you are going to use it. If you spend all day riding the park, don’t go cheap. Buying a high-end back protector is a safe investment that you won’t regret. However, if you pop in the park once or twice in the season or go freeriding occasionally, then you can keep the costs low, it will protect you efficiently.

How to use a back protector?

A back protector is a shell that covers your back and protects your spine while you’re riding. In case you fall on your back on a rock or on the half-pipe coping, the shell takes the impact instead of your back and helps avoiding fatal injuries. The impact energy is distributed through the inner paddings of your back shell. If you want your protector to work in an optimal way, it needs to match your size and be correctly adjusted. Make sure the straps aren’t loose.

So, wearing a back shell is a good start, but your shell needs to be functional as well. It must allow you to move freely to let freestylers nail their double corks and other tricks with ease. All models of protectors available on Glisshop were carefully selected from the most reliable manufacturers to ensure maximal performance. Their products deliver the best performance and feature the latest technologies available on the market. From Rossignol to Dainese through Scott, Arva, Icetools and more, the most difficult thing you’ll have to do it making your pick.

What are the differences between models of back protectors?

Apart from comfort and lightweight which can vary with the price of the product, back protectors come with extra features that can make the difference. For instance, on the Action Vest from Arva, designed by Xavier De le Rue himself, you will find a RECCO reflector. As a reminder, RECCO systems help rescue teams to retrieve avalanche victims. Some other protectors stick to the norm CE EN 1621/2 level 2. This means the average peak force after an impact is divided by two. If you hesitate between two shells at a similar price and one is level 2, go for this one, your back will say thank you.

Make sure you stay safe and get a back protector now!