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Photochromic sunglasses

Why should you get photochromic sunglasses?

Developed and perfected in the 60’s, the photochromic glass reacts automatically to the sun rays, or rather to the UV, and obscures or lighten up depending on the ambient light. The plastic photochromic glass, for its part, is more recent and dates back to the 80’s. This type of sunglasses allows for an optimal vision even if the weather changes in the middle of the day or if you pass through a shady area. With Glisshop you will find a nice collection of ergonomic and comfy women’s photochromic sunglasses and men’s photochromic sunglasses.

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How do photochromic sunglasses work?

A good example is better than a long speech so here’s a video that will show you all you need to know about photochromic sunglasses. By stimulating the glass with a UV lamp, it will darken automatically before coming back to its original shade after a few minutes.

Here, the reaction has been amplified and accelerated. During normal use, this phenomenon happens automatically and you won’t even notice it, this gradual adaptation is what makes these glasses so comfortable. But if you really want to see how effective this technology is, the best way is to set off in the morning with your glasses on and to take them off in the middle of the day. You will be totally blinded by the light after barely noticing the change of luminosity in the first place.

What are the assets of photochromic sunglasses?

Photochromic sunglasses have the capacity to adapt to the ambient light or rather they adapt their shade in order to filter the brightness. The eye makes less efforts and as a consequence, the viewing comfort is maximized. If you start an outing in the forest in the morning and end up on a glacier, you will be amazed that you made it through the day without noticing the intense luminosity change. Photochromic sunglasses are also very interesting for white days when, even if the weather is cloudy, the light can quickly become dazzling with the sun staying just above the clouds. It’s simple and once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to wear anything else.

How much is a pair of photochromic sunglasses?

The prices of photochromic glasses usually go from £90 to £180. Indeed, this technology requires a delicate manufacturing process that noticeably raises the lenses cost. On the other hand, the greatest advantage of this technology is that you can cover almost all practices with just one pair. City, sport, beach, mountain and even high mountain, no need to wonder which pair you will bring anymore.

What are the best photochromic sunglasses?

If there’s no real hierarchy between models, some brands still manage to stand out from the crowd with the likes of Julbo and Serengeti who made photochromy their trademark for a few years now. Their glasses have proven their worth and will provide you an irreproachable visual quality. All you need to do is to pick the right protection index for your practice. Sunglasses from categories 1 to 3 are more versatile for example when the ones from category 2 to 4 were made for high-mountain and high levels of brightness.