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Nordic equipment

Looking for nordic glasses, bags or ski straps?

Well, this is the place! The Simon Fourcade Nørdic range of accessories offer all you could wish for to complete your cross-country ski equipment.

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What are the must-have accessories for cross-country skiing?

How to choose my sunglasses and nordic visors?

With its large choice of glasses and visors specially designed for nordic ski, Simon Fourcade Nørdic is bound to have the product that suits you. The glasses may be light and pleasant to wear but in the last few years, the nordic visors have also been a genuine success. Adjusted to the cross-country ski and biathlon practices, the nordic visors are made with a pivot system that let you pull the screen up in a mere gesture to go straight into shooting mode. Their field of vision is large and perfectly ventilated to prevent fogging. In addition, some lenses are photochromic which means that their shade will adjust automatically to the ambient light and provide you with the best visibility possible during your ride.

Which bags and covers are best to carry my stuff around?

When you have a lot of equipment, carrying it around can quickly become a headache. fortunately the ski bags are here for you and they come in different sizes and volumes.

The backpacks are also very practical to transport your spare clothes and accessories with you. The brands are full of ideas to create very comfy bags to wear with multiple pockets.

What hydratation solution should I go for?

There are many ways to stay hydrated during your cross-country ski session. The classic drinkbelt has the advantage of being very practical, no need to stop, a simple gesture is enough to take a sip. However you won't find any pockets in here. In the same vein, we have the hydration bags that use a pipette system linked to a pocket so you can drink even more naturally. On the bigger ones, you can even fit a jacket inside. Lastly, in between the two there's an alternative solution, the hydration belts. They usually come with a one-liter insulated pocket and a large pouch but you will have to stop in order to drink.