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Waxing iron

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Vola Waxing Fer à farter OverviewVola Waxing Fer à farter Side
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Vola Support De Fer Vola Support De Fer
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Very practical for hanging your waxing iron somewhere without the risk of burning a surface, the Vola stand is a sturdy and stable model once screwed to a table.

Vauhti 1000W Economy OverviewVauhti 1000W Economy Beneath
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The Economy Vauhti waxing iron is ideal for waxing cross-country skis. Simple and easy to handle, it covers a temperature range sufficient for both maintenance and training waxes.

Toko Waxing Fer à Farter T8 800W Overview
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Swix Digital Sport Overview
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Start Waxing iron Fer À Farter 800W OverviewStart Waxing iron Fer À Farter 800W Detail
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The Start Fer À Farter 800W is a powerful, ergonomic waxing iron, ideal for maintaining and preparing skis and snowboards with precise wax application.

Vola Waxing iron Fer à Farter Digital OverviewVola Waxing iron Fer à Farter Digital Side
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Nordic ski waxing iron buying guide:

If you wish to take care of the maintenance of your nordic skis by yourself, using an iron is a must for a spotless result. We prepared this little guide to make sure you use it properly.

Our tutorials are also available in the Guides section, follow this link to learn how to use glide wax step by step.

Why do I need an iron?

The reason is simple, waxing irons allow you to keep the temperature up without burning the sole. So how do you set the right temperature? Each wax has a different melting temperature stated on the package and waxing irons come with a thermostat to make sure you get to the right temperature easily. In any case, if smoke comes out of your iron when you start applying the gliding gliding wax, it means something's not right.