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Brakes and leashes

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Marker Touring Binding Accessory Marker Alpinist U-Bow Hard Overview

The Alpinist U-Bow is an accessory to modify the DIN value of your Marker Alpinist bindings. Here it is in a hard version, equivalent to a DIN of 11

Marker Touring Binding Accessory Marker Alpinist U-Bow Medium Overview

The Alpinist U-Bow is an accessory to modify the DIN value of your Marker Alpinist bindings. Here it is in a medium version, equivalent to a DIN of 8.

G3 Touring Binding Accessory Ski Leash - Coiled - Pair Overview

Pair of Leash for ski touring bindings, compatible with all G3 ski touring bindings and any ski touring boot

Camp Touring Binding Accessory Startup Touring Adaptateur OverviewCamp Touring Binding Accessory Startup Touring Adaptateur

The Camp Startup Touring Adapter Kit allows you to ski tour with alpine skis without having to buy two pairs of skis dedicated to each practice

Plum Touring brakes Stopper Pika 100 Mm OverviewPlum Touring brakes Stopper Pika 100 Mm Side

The Stopper Pika 100 mm is a ski stop from Plum to be mounted on your Plum Pika touring bindings to replace the heel wedge and make them more versatile



Buyer’s guide for ski brakes and leashes for touring skis

Without these accessories, every fall would turn into a long hike until you retrieve your skis. It is the brake that stops the ski from gliding downhill and generally skis stay where you fell or just a few meters down. There are also leashes available, making sure your skis stay attached to you, even if the binding releases. They are really convenient as you don’t even have to walk.

What are the pros and cons of ski brakes?

Leash fans will tell you brakes are way too heavy compared to a simple strap. Well, they are right. A ski brake weighs approximately 100g when a leash displays only a few gramms on the scale. Freetourers looking for high performance will naturally go for the lightest solution to save efforts.

However, if you are fit and strong and you only do a couple of tours a year, the brake, even if heavier, is still more convenient than the leash. If the binding releases, the ski stops automatically. When you’re having a break, no need to dig in the snow and make sure the ski can’t move as you would with a leash, it will stay where it is thanks to the brake. Same if you’re falling, the ski won’t leave. It is the ideal solution for all tourers who begin in the sport and want something easy and convenient. Also, with brakes, you kill the risk of catching a branch or any other obstacle like you would with a leash.

How to choose your ski brake?

The ski brake is a device that’s pretty basic with a simple function, stop the ski. It’s a lever system with two arms that stick into the snow when the binding is released and stop the ski from sliding away. Put the boot back into the binding and the two arms rise above the snow and stay out of the way. With skis becoming wider and wider, it is important to choose the correct brake that matches you ski sidecuts.

Whether you want to replace your brakes or change them for a wider model cause you bought wider skis, you will find the brakes you need on Or if you bought a new set of touring skis that came with a leash and you decide you want to go back on brakes, you can. There will always be a model that fits your skis.