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Brakes and leashes

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Marker Alpinist Brake 90mm Marker Alpinist Brake 90mm 10% off
  • £54.51

The Marker Alpinist Brake 90mm allows you to do without a leash on your Low Tech Alpinist touring ski bindings and gain in comfort of use and safety.

Fritschi Touring brakes Stop Ski 95mm Xenic Overview
  • Recommended price



Plum Stopper Oazo & Pika 100mm OverviewPlum Stopper Oazo & Pika 100mm Detail
  • £90.91

The Plum Stopper Light Oazo Pika 100 Mm is a lightweight, fibrous and practical ski stop that fits over a Pika or Oazo binding and keeps the ski stationary before putting on and after taking off.

  • 100
Plum Stopper Oazo & Pika 90mm OverviewPlum Stopper Oazo & Pika 90mm Detail
  • £90.91

Ideal for keeping your ski stationary when they're not shod, the Plum Stopper Light Oazo Pika 90 Mm ski stop is a reliable, lightweight and easy-to-use model, compatible with Pika and Oazo bindings.

  • 90
Marker Alpinist Brake 105mm Marker Alpinist Brake 105mm 10% off
  • £54.51

Thanks to Marker Alpinist Brake 105mm you gain in comfort of use and safety with your Alpinist ski touring bindings.

Fritschi Touring brakes Stop Ski 85mm Xenic Overview
  • Recommended price