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Touring skis

Why should you buy your touring skis on Glisshop.co.uk?

We select the best brands and manufacturers and offer touring skis for all kinds of style: light touring, allround touring, freetouring. If you already own your touring bindings, then you're in the right place. Glisshop.co.uk has a large selection of skis to match them. Feel free to contact us to make sure your bindings work with our skis: size, style, safety, brake width... Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to guide you through our range and help you narrow it down to what you really need. From the leading brands like Black Crows or Dynafit to smaller high-performance manufacturers like Zag, our touring skis match all tastes, skills and budgets.

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And touring was born again

The oldest picture we have of a man on skis is….4000 years old, on paintings discovered in Norway. That turns skiing as we know it, with resorts, lifts, parks etc, into a very small part of what is called history and of what was originally designed to carry people on snow. Despite the young age of alpine skiing, the sport quickly replaced touring and turned it into an old-fashioned way of using skis.

Not trendy enough, perhaps too difficult as well as it requires a tough physical condition, touring was underestimated and sadly forgotten for years. But the eco-friendly debates rising and the environmental problems we have nowadays brought touring back in the game. Touring means protecting nature and the mountain. No lifts, no resorts, touring is for nature lovers who like it when there’s no noise and no people around.

Touring, Backcountry or approach ?

There are different ways of touring :

Touring :

The original way of skiing. Before descending, you need to climb and it is the favorite part of a tour for most skiers. Touring means be as one with nature. They need to know how it works (weather, conditions, type of snow, etc) and they mainly use an equipment that’s as light as possible on order to be able to tour for a few days in a row.

Backcountry or freetouring :

If touring is uphill-oriented, freetouring prefers the downhill. To get the best tracks on the untouched slopes, freeriders don’t mind climbing a bit. Be aggressive and charge hard when descending is the main goal which is why they focus on performance more than on lightweight.

Approach :

This is only when you want to reach a close spot near the resort. Not very steep and not very long, this kind of ‘tour’ does not require any specific gear and skiers ride equally on groomed or soft snow.