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Camp Liquid Chalk Liquid Chalk 150 Ml OverviewCamp Liquid Chalk Liquid Chalk 150 Ml Back
  • Recommended price




The Liquid Chalk 150 ml from Camp is a liquid climbing chalk which formula is alcohol based with a high-quality magnesium carbonate. 

Beal Liquid Chalk Ball-It Overview
  • £4.02

The Beal Ball-It Liquid Chalk is a 56g  chalk ball, perfect for  climbing, it reduces excessive residue.

Beal Chalk Crumble Beal Chalk Crumble
  • £7.19

Beal's Chalk Crumble is a practical, reusable chunky chalk for improving grip when climbing. It comes in a resealable, transportable package weighing 200 g.

Petzl Liquid Chalk Power Liquid - 200ml OverviewPetzl Liquid Chalk Power Liquid - 200ml Side
  • £11.83

Boost your climbing performance with Petzl's Magnesia Power Liquid, a 200ml cream offering optimal grip, in 100% recycled packaging.

Edelrid Chalk Loose III Edelrid Chalk Loose III
  • £8.19

Edelrid's Chalk Loose III, an ultra-fine magnesium carbonate-based chalk, ensures optimal moisture absorption and uniform application for improved climbing grip and performance.

Camp Liquid Chalk Chunky Chalk 120 g OverviewCamp Liquid Chalk Chunky Chalk 120 g Back
  • £9.01

Easily transportable, Camp Chunky Chalk 120g optimizes your grip and efficiently absorbs perspiration.

Petzl Liquid Chalk Power Crunch - 300g OverviewPetzl Liquid Chalk Power Crunch - 300g Detail
  • £11.83

Petzl Power Crunch Magnesia - 300g, your ideal climbing partner, ensures optimum grip while minimizing dust, in a practical resealable bag.

Black Diamond Eco Gold Liquid Chalk OverviewBlack Diamond Eco Gold Liquid Chalk Side
  • £13.65

Black Diamond Eco Gold Liquid Chalk offers optimum, eco-friendly grip for climbing, with a dry, smooth formula and no residue.

Edelrid Chalk Balls II Edelrid Chalk Balls II
  • £5.91

Edelrid's Chalk Balls II are high-quality magnesium carbonate-filled balls, designed for controlled application, improved grip, and reduced dust dispersion in climbing and bouldering.

Camp Liquid Chalk Chunky Chalk - 450 Gr OverviewCamp Liquid Chalk Chunky Chalk - 450 Gr Side
  • £16.38

The Chunky Chalk 450 g is very pure and will be perfect to refill your chalk bag before climbing that nice route! 

Edelrid Liquid Chalk Chalk Block OverviewEdelrid Liquid Chalk Chalk Block Side
  • £21.84

Edelrid's Chalk Block, made of high-grade magnesium carbonate, enhances grip and reduces hand perspiration for optimal climbing performance, indoors or at crags.

Beal Liquid Chalk Chalk Station OverviewBeal Liquid Chalk Chalk Station Detail
  • £8.41

The Beal Chalk Station is a refillable, eco-friendly chalk ball for climbers, promoting zero-waste and better air quality.

Edelrid Liquid Chalk II OverviewEdelrid Liquid Chalk II Side
  • £7.28

Edelrid's Liquid Chalk II, with 75% isopropyl alcohol, provides optimal grip for climbers, dries quickly, and is an eco-friendly choice.

Petzl Liquid Chalk Power Crunch - 200g OverviewPetzl Liquid Chalk Power Crunch - 200g Side
  • £9.10

Petzl Power Crunch - 200g crushed chalk provides optimal grip for climbers, reducing perspiration and enhancing hold on rock or indoor surfaces.



What is chalk? What is it used for?

Chalk is magnesium carbonate, it exists in nature and is often found in powder form in the case of rock climbing. Chalk is used to absorb moisture from your hands and dry them to offer optimal grip on holds.

Liquid, powder chalk or balls?

You’ll find liquid or powder chalk and even balls. Depending on where you usually climb, you may or may not have the choice of using powder chalk. Some climbing gyms don’t allow powder in favour of liquid chalk.

Powder chalk

Power chalk is a classic rock climbing accessory. This white powder which dries up your hands and is contained in your chalk bag improves your climbing performance by preventing your hands from slipping on holds.

Liquid chalk

Liquid chalk is a good alternative to powder. It is less volatile and allows you to use chalk in gyms where powder is forbidden. It is still magnesium carbonate mixed with alcohol and sometimes a thickener or resin. Liquid chalk remains effective on your hands for longer. You'll need to reapply it less often, and advantage on long routes.

Chalk balls

Chalk in the form of balls is an evolution of standard chunks of chalk. Because the chalk is contained in a ball of fabric, it prevents its dissipation around you. The chalk ball is stored in your chalk bag and it is easy to use when climbing.

What is the difference between talc, pof and chalk?

Powder chalk shouldn’t be confused with talc. Both products absorb moisture, but talc is also a lubricant, chalk isn’t. For rock climbing, what you need is chalk, as the goal is to improve your grip on holds.

Pof is often mistaken for chalk, however it is a different product, but also used in rock climbing. Pof has the sole purpose of improving your hands’ traction. It is rosin, made by distilling pine resin.

Find your chalk at the best price from Glisshop

You now know everything you need about powder chalk or its liquid form alternative. You'll be able to fill your chalk bag and try beautiful routes. If you are still hesitating, stop by our store in Aubière, close to Clermont-Ferrand or contact one of our experts via e-mail, chat or phone.