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Men's snowboard sets

Looking for a snowboard set for men?

In order to help everyone discover the joys of snowboarding, Glisshop has a wide selection of snowboard packages for sale. Select the board that best suits your needs, pick a binding that matches your style and requirements and wait for our delivery. Unpack the box, mount your bindings the way want and go shred! Riding has never been easier. If you are not sure about the board you need, have a look at our how-to-choose-your-snowboard guide. It will give you the basics of snowboarding. Check out the latest men's snowboard packages.

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Buyer’s guide for a men snowboard package

At glisshop.co.uk, every rider is important, from beginners to experts, we take care of everyone! This is why we have so many snowboard packages for men, so that everyone can find the board he needs. Then, all you have to do is select your favorite pair of bindings or get something soft and forgiving if it’s your first purchase, and you’re done!

How to choose your board for your package?

If you look for a set to discover the joys of snowboarding, look for playful and forgiving boards, easy to manoeuver with a reverse camber enhancing agility and catchfree turns. This banana-shaped camber, with a rising nose and tail, makes boards easy and predictable. All you have to do is lean on your toes or heels and the board will roll into the turn naturally. This profile is also very effective on powder as it maximises the board’s buoyancy.

Snowboard packages for men are also perfectly suited for experienced riders who want to renew their setup at the best price. If you are a freestyler who live and breather for the park then you will want a flexy and playful board that’s got pop and personnality for destroying rails and kickers. If you don’t like crowds that much and you’d rather stay off piste for freeriding, then you will want a stiff and powerful board for charging hard and fast down the mountain.

And if you look for something more versatile, then you will need an all-mountain board that can carve on groomers, with enough pop to have fun in the park and with a bit of rockers for your powder forays.

Which binding should you add to your package?

When you see the number of bindings available, you may feel a bit overwhelmed, and a little lost. So here are a few tips to help you pick the one that will make you happy.

The highback needs to be more or less stiff according to your weight and to your style. A beginner will prefer flexibility for an effortless riding while a skilled freerider will want something stiff for more support and more precision at high speed. The height of the highback can vary as well. Shorter and more flexy for freestyle use, higher for freeride.

Bindings are often padded or reinforced under toes and heel. They absorb vibrations to make the ride smoother and more comfortable. It’s also very useful for freestylers who jump a lot or for freeriders who ride fast on rough terrains.

Finally, some tech features are particularly interesting. For instance, Flow bindings and their rear-entry system will help you save a lot of time on the slopes!