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Feet Protectors

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Buyer’s guide for ski-specific protection socks

Once you master the basics at skiing, you will focus on progression and you’ll soon be carving. Forget about sketchy skid turns, carving is the most elegant way of skiing, smooth, effortless, fast. In order to carve efficiently, you need to stop leaning backward and bring your weight back on the center of the ski. In this position, your shin should be pushing on the tongue of your boot. This will allow you to ski faster, in a more aggressive way and with more control. The problem with this skiing style is the pain it causes on the shin. Being constantly pushing on them can create friction and the faster you’ll ride the harder you’ll push. If you want to avoid this simply, you can.

How to enhance comfort when skiing?

Skiing is tiring and creates muscular fatigue. If you want to minimise fatigue and pain, you should try on Conformable Sidas products. The brand is expert in making ergnonomic outsoles and products focused on foot comfort. The innovative brand has also an offering of warm and comfy socks with their flagship being the Protective Gel model. The sock integrates a gel pad of Silitene, incredibly effective against friction and shin pain. Blisters belong to the past. The sock was designed to adapt to everyone’s shapes perfectly, the socks are also asymmetrical, you get a left sock and a right sock. Of course, like every product coming out of Conformable Sidas’ factory, their socks feature the newest materials delivering optimal thermal performance.

Looking for a pair of shin protectors for skiing?

Then our Foot Protection corner should make you happy. On top of our standard protective socks we also have silicone gel pads that you can put between the tongue of your boot and your shin. Molded around the shin, the Conformable Sidas shin protector is cheap and guarantees optimal comfort during your ski holidays. Always have one in your pocket and when you feel the slightest pain, take it out. Each silicon foil is re-usable about 30 times and can be washed if needed.

Stop suffering in silence, protect your shin and enjoy skiing like you never did!