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Ski boot accessories

Need accessories for your alpine ski boot or to change your damaged heels?

With the arrival of major brands such as Rossignol, Salomon and Atomic in partnership with Marker's sole standard, the Grip Walk is gradually establishing itself on the market. No more ISO alpine and ISO hiking standards, the Grip Walk sole standard bridges the gap between the two worlds. At Glisshop, we offer you replacement heels for ski boots and Grip Walk heels to meet this new standard.
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To change your heels for ski boots, reminder on the binding standards:

Before the introduction of new standards, two were emerging on the market. The ISO alpine 5355 standard with a flat and smooth sole to be able to remove shoes quickly and the ISO rando 9532 standard with a rounded and gripping sole to avoid slipping on ice or snow during approaches. With a completely different shape between the two soles, compatibility is impossible especially with a hiking sole that does not work at all with an alpine binding. To overcome this compatibility problem, brands have started to manufacture new standards such as WTR (Walk To Ride) or Grip Walk to be able to do both alpine and hiking.

A universal Grip Walk heel pad.

System invented by Marker, the manufacturers have agreed on the Grip Walk standard, which offers many advantages. This heel strap can be attached directly to your ski boot sole. No more robot walking down the slopes! It offers great walking comfort thanks to a non-slip sole and a rounded profile on the front. Compatible for both alpine and hiking, the Grip Walk heel pad is an excellent choice for those who want a single pair of boots for both disciplines with a binding compatible with this standard on both pairs of skis. This versatile heel pad features a rigid pad for excellent energy transfer, a smooth surface for easy heaving and a rocker shape at the front for a more natural walk. The trend is increasingly towards the Grip Walk standard with most brands already manufacturing shoes and bindings with this standard. In short, a more comfortable, more versatile standard, which we are beginning to find everywhere, the right time to change your heels!

Say goodbye to the cold with the heating shoe.

If you are very sensitive to cold or encounter extreme weather conditions then turn to a heated slipper. It works with internal heating and is controlled via a control unit at the tibia. It's easy to engage the mechanism with three additional heat levels. Models like Therm-Ic are equipped with a lithium battery for up to 19 hours of battery life!

Ski boot accessories