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Kids snowboard sets

How about getting a snowboard package for your kid?

If your child has fell in love with the sport but he’s getting tired of renting and wants his own equipment, you’ve come to the right place. The junior snowboard packages offered by Glisshop will help him progress at an accelerated pace. You will find the board suited for his or her needs and style. From freestyle to freeride through all-mountain boards, we have it all. Binding-wise, we also have many adapted to all levels, stiff, flexible or in-between, the most difficult is to choose!

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Buyer’s guide for a junior snowboard package

Your kid doesn’t give you a rest and he keeps screaming for a new board...Come on, help him out he will be the happiest kid on earth! Get him a junior snowboard set including a board and a pair of bindings perfectly suited for his needs.

How to choose the right junior board for your kid?

He’s a true beginner or he just learnt the basics or snowboarding. Look for a package that includes a soft board that’s easy to manoeuver and effortless. This will help him focus on his technique rather than on his pain. Through our wide selection of boards, find a light one that pivots naturally thanks to a rockered profile. These rockers also enhance the playfulness of the board and bring an enjoyable forgiving feel. Freestyle boards are an excellent choice as they are very progressive and fun to play with. Once kids have build up confidence, they may want to try lapping the park.

But if your child is a talented rider and has skills, then he will need a board package that’s a little more advanced and more technical. If he spends a lot of time playing with his friends in the park, then get him a freestyle board. They are nimble, playful and poppy, perfectly adapted for jumping everywhere in the park! If he prefers riding on powder and fresh snow, go for a freeride-oriented board. Stiffer and more powerful, it will handle all sorts of terrains with ease. It will also allow carving on piste.

What sort of bindings should you get?

After choosing the board, you need to choose the bindings. It may sound obvious but it can be difficult. Once again, each binding has unique skills and you need to make sure the one you are going to pick is adapted to the needs of your kid. Beginners will prefer a flexy and mellow binding with a soft highback and a padded chassis. It will make riding effortless and painless which is quite enjoyable when you are learning. The cushioning system absorbs vibrations and impacts to maximise comfort.

If you child is an experienced rider then he will probabaly want something stiffer and more responsive. This type of binding will be more precise at higher speed and will feel more reliable. Perfect for carving or for riding on powder.

Of course, you should also check how easy it is to use the binding. Kids have small hands and some brands have this in mind when they design junior bindings. Flow, for instance, offer bindings with rear entry systems. They are a lot easier and quicker to use!