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Repair kits

How to repair or maintain your skis?

Unfortunately, skis and snowboards are not unbreakable and they can wear pretty fast if you ride often. Sometimes, one day is enough to get a ski damaged. Hit a rock under a shallow layer of snow and you get a big scratch on your base. Good news is, you can repair it without spending much money. We have repair kits in our Maintenance -Tools corner available for sale. With Glisshop, forget about the hassle of returning to the shop with your skis and do it yourself! You will save time, money and you will learn how to use your hands! There are videos and information on how to do it on and soon enough you’ll turn into a real skiman.
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Winter Your Life Maintenance kit Rando Overview
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Vola Maintenance kit Set Alpin Overview
  • £223.91

Maintain and prepare your skis perfectly with this complete alpine kit proposed by VOLA, THE reference brand in ski maintenance, preparation and repair


Buyer’s guide for ski and snowboard repair kits

It doesn’t matter if you are a piste skier or a freerider, if there isn’t a lot of snow, you can damage your equipment far too easily. If your edge is untouched, you avoided the worst and can probably fix your problem. All you need is one of our repair kits. They feature everything for fixing or waxing your skis quickly, or repairing a gauge or tuning your edges.

How to fix your ski base by yourself?

In order to repair the base of a ski which is made of polyethylene, there is only one way: use the same material. On Glisshop we have two colours of polyethylen, black and transparent. The black one is good for black bases, obviously. It is also a polyethylen that sticks better and lasts longer. The transparent one is what you use for coloured bases if you want to keep them intact and keep your repair discrete. So, if you have your repair candle, black or transparent, you need to light it up. It will start to melt and drip. Make sure it drips on the gauge you need to repair. Once it’s filled, put the candle away and press with a metal scraper for about twenty minutes. It is the time needed for the new material to blend with the base. Then, all you have to do is scrape off the excess material. Remember, when you use a scraper, always use it from nose to tail. Your base should look a lot better now. To give it a good finish, brush it with a bronze brush (again from nose to tail) and you’ll get a shiny base as if it was brand new!

Which repair kit for your skis?

Our Start kit is a good way to begin. It allows you to maintain your skis and boards in shape with almost no budget. It comes with a black repair candle and a transparent one along with a metal scraper. It also features a spray of universal wax if you want to enhance your glide in seconds, it is super quick and easy to use. The last elements are a pocket edge tuner and a gummy stone to make sure your skis or snowboards always deliver the best traction on hard snow. Every kit comes with a user guide.

If you want the complete kit, you will get a lot more with a professional waxing iron, a block of wax remover and a block of universal wax that remains efficient in all conditions. Of course, there are also two repair candles, a nylon brush, a copper brush, a metal scraper, a plastic one as well and an edge tuner. The complete kit is the ultimate solution for keeping your equipment in shape!

So, start saving money, buy a repair kit!