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Roller ski accessories

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IDT Roller skis accessory Rollerski Bag OverviewIDT Roller skis accessory Rollerski Bag Side
  • £30.03

The IDT Rollerski Bag can hold up to two pairs of ski wheels. Equipped with a full zip, a tightening system and a shoulder strap, your equipment will be protected during your travels

IDT Roller skis accessory Roue Skate RM2 OverviewIDT Roller skis accessory Roue Skate RM2 Back
  • £36.31

Made of soft synthetic rubber, the IDT Skate RM2 complete wheel is ideal for training. It allows a speed of movement similar to that of skiing on snow.

IDT Roller skis accessory Roue Arrière Classic RM2 OverviewIDT Roller skis accessory Roue Arrière Classic RM2 Side
  • £63.61

The IDT RM2 50mm classic rear wheel is mainly used on the classic wheel skis of the Norwegian brand. It contains the necessary anti-reverse for the practice of the classic technique.

IDT Roller skis accessory Roue Avant Classic RM2 Overview
  • £36.31

The classic IDT RM2 50mm front wheel is used with the Norwegian brand's wheel skis. Made of soft rubber, it allows you to move at the same speed as a ski.

IDT Garde Boue Skate Black
  • £5.91

The IDT black mudguard is the essential accessory to avoid water projections on wet roads. Exclusively reserved for the ski wheels skate of the Norwegian brand.

IDT Roller skis accessory Garde-boue 1pc Skate Bleu Ciel Overview
  • £5.91

The IDT Skate Light Blue mudguard is essential when the road is wet. It fits exclusively to the skating wheel skis of the same brand

IDT Roller skis accessory Roue Skate Jr RM2 OverviewIDT Roller skis accessory Roue Skate Jr RM2 Side
  • £27.21

The IDT Skate JR RM2 wheel is compatible with the junior wheel skis of the Norwegian brand. With its height of 80mm and its soft rubber, it allows the implementation of a fair skating technique.

IDT Roue Skate Wet Alu Rm2 Overview
  • £90.91

Complete wheel for ski-wheels with medium rolling resistance.


Buying guide for roller ski accessories:

You need to change a part on your roller ski and you don't know how to choose the most suitable one? Here are some buying tips:

Do you need new wheels for your roller ski?

The wheels are made of rubber. They are subject to wear and must be changed regularly.

As with skating, the 4 wheels are similar. When making your choice you need to be careful that you select wheels of the same brand as your roller ski to be sure that they are compatible.

Classic roller skis have two types of wheels. Generally placed at the rear some wheels contain the anti-rollback necessary for classic use. They only work in one direction. It is therefore necessary to make sure they are attached the right way round during assembly.

You roller ski in all weathers and you no longer want spattered legs?

You need mudguards to prevent splashes. Be careful when choosing the model. Some are designed for classic roller skis and others for skating roller skis. They can be attached easily using the screws provided with the mudguard.

Are you looking for an accessory to take your roller skis everywhere?

Then you'll love the roller ski bag. It allows you to easily carry several pairs of roller skis. During the winter season it can also be used to store your equipment to prevent damage. You can even slip in some tools and accessories!