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Ski sets with bindings

What ski equipment is right for you?

On Glisshop.co.uk you have one of the largest selections of ski sets available on the Internet. A ski set, or a ski package includes a pair of skis and a pair of bindings. The main benefit of buying a ski package on Glisshop is the insurance of getting ski bindings that are compliant with the skis you have picked, and to receive the package fitted to your boot size for free. Whether you picked Freestyle, skis, Backcountry skis, Freeride skis, Piste Carving/ Racing skis, all-mountain skis or regular piste skis, we have sets for everyone and every style. Our search engine was designed to help you make your selection according to your specific criteria (length, category, brand, etc) through our men ski packages, women ski packages and kids ski packages. We also wrote a a quick guide for you to better understand how to choose your skis.

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How to choose your ski set ?

There are several profiles of skiers, same applies for skis, each having its own specific skills. When you buy skis, you need to know what you are looking for, you have to be aware of your physical and technical skills and you need to know what type of skiing is yours. You won't get the same skis for freeriding and for racing, same if you are a beginner or an expert. So let's have a look at what best suits you.

1 ) Define your level

If you are a beginner and you pick a high end ski with a stiff construction, it will be very demanding and your progression will be long and difficult. If you are a good skier but you go for an entry-level ski with a soft and flexible contruction, you won't progress as quickly, the ski won't grip hard enough or won't respond fast enough. This is why it is important to know your level. We have three categories of skiers :

Beginner to intermediate : true beginner or occasional skier, you lean backward when skiing and most of the time you have legs apart. You're looking for an easy ski that makes you feel secure so you can learn the basics on gentle slopes at moderate speed.

Advanced : skis stay parallel throughout the turns and you are under control. You are capable to reduce or increase your turning radius and you adapt your turns according to the terrain. Your position on the skis is more 'academic', you bend your legs, your hips are aligned with your knees, your arms stay in front of you. Sometimes when the terrain changes unexpectedly you still make a few technical mistakes. You need a comfortable ski that can perform if you need it to, but it also needs to deliver a touch of forgiveness to help you cope with your last flaws.

Expert : you feel comfortable regardless of the terrain or conditions, your technique is perfect and so is your position. Your hips don't move anymore and your arms point always forward and keep your whole body balanced. You control your turns and you gauge your speed with ease. You need skis that can deliver high performance but require technique.

2 ) Define your skiing style

You need to know what category of skiers you belong to in order to pick a ski that will meet your needs. If you spend your time on groomed snow, don't buy a freeride ski ! In order to help you find the right ski, we made a specific search engine for you, on the left handside of that page. You will easily find which skis best suit you.

Piste ski package : the ski is narrow at the waist and gets wider through the tip, or shovel. That makes turn initiations smoother and more intuitive. The tail of the ski can be considered as its engine, it is the tail that delivers power and rebound when you exit a turn.

All-mountain ski package : skiers want their skis to be more and more versatile. They need skis that adapt to variable conditions and terrains without requiring higher skills. A good all-mountain set ensures edge control on hard snow and floatation on powder.

Freeride ski package : freeriding is more and more popular. Skiers who like wide and wild spaces and deep powder generally go for wide and powerful skis that can handle deep fresh snow as well as crud or tracked out powder. Note that we can split that category into two subcategories: mid-fat skis (from 80 to 100mm at waist), designed for skiers who want something versatile that they can ride on piste if needed ; and fat skis (100mm+ at waist), best suited for skiers who own a few pairs of skis and want one specific pair when conditions are optimal.

Freestyle ski package : thanks to skiers like Jérémy Pancras, Kevin Rolland, or Candide Thovex, freestyle skiing has gotten very popular. In between skiing and performing stunts, freestyling requires specific skis with specific shapes. Made to be light, skis generally feature a twin-tipped shape allowing to ski backward, or switch. For a park and pipe use, skis comes with a pretty narrow waist. Freestyle backcountry skis however feature a wider underfoot platform enhancing floatation on powder.

Touring ski package : touring skis are far more accessible than a few years ago and we see more and more skiers going for it. Touring skis feature a light construction making the uphill bits of your tour more enjoyable and they have a mid fat profile in order to handle any terrain on the downhill. The binding can be either alpine-oriented (easier to use) or with inserts (lighter).

How do we mount the bindings ?

Ski bindings ensure your safety and need to be set carefully in order to reduce the risk of an injury in case of a fall (knee sprain or fractured). Glisshop ski packages combine skis and bindings suited for different levels and styles. Any package you get, we mount the bindings for free. To make sure we do it correctly, you will be asked to complete a form with your age, your weight, your height, your ski level. We also ask for your boot length and for your preferences. In general, bindings are centered or close to center on freestyle skis (depending on manufacturer's recommendations).

Bonus feature :

It's not always easy to know exactly what size of skis you need to get. Glisshop.co.uk made a calculator that helps you find this out: go to size calculator.

Glisshop recommendations :

Well, now all that’s left to do is to pick your favourite brand. Glisshop has loads in store, here are just a few: Amplid, Armada, Atomic, Black Crows, Black Diamond, Blizzard, Dynastar, Elan, Faction, Fischer, Head, K2, Head, Lib Tech, Line, Movement, Nordica, Rossignol, Roxy, Salomon, Scott, Stockli, Volkl and Zag. Discover also our skis collections 2018, 2019 and 2020 !