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Women's boots

Snowboarder, beginner or expert, you’re dreaming about a new pair of boots

In order to progress your snowboard game, you need to have a good pair of boots. Glisshop has for you a large selection of women specific boots designed by the best brands on the market in order to meet your needs. Insulated, breathable, comfortable or performance-oriented, you will find the best boots for riding in the best conditions. Have a look at our selection of women snowboard boots.

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Buyer’s guide for Women snowboard boots

Ladies, you don’t know how to choose your boots? The wide selection we have does not make things easier does it? Don’t worry, our staff will guide you through until you find the model that perfectly suits you.

Why should you buy women-specific boots?

The times when women boots were just watered down men boots, softer and in other colours are over. Now, brands make boots truly adapted to women needs and shapes. Women have a narrower heel meaning the boots have to be narrower too in this area to provide a better lock. Their feet arc is more cambered and so has to be the boot’s insole and their calves are lower. Every element of the boot is designed according to these facts. And of course, brands are using tons of creativity to make them look awesome!

Choose boots matching your skills

If you are a beginner, you need comfortable, forgiving and flexible boots that are well insulated. This way, you will avoid pain and cold, which are your two worst enemies on a snowboard. However, if you have skills, you should go for stiffer boots. They will offer more power, more durability and more support without compromising comfort.

What closure system should you go for: quick, traditional, Boa?

The closure system is very important and needs to be chosen according to your expectations:
- The quick lace system is nice because it offers lightweight, performance and convenience. It is widely used in the industry, each brand having its own system. Some derive it in single or dual systems (upper and lower parts of the boot are independant).
- The Boa system is a steel wire that can be tighten with a reel that you spin. It is super quick and effortless. That’s what we like! It allows a precise closure that remains consistent throughout the day (it doesn’t get looser). The Boa system exists in single or dual Boa (upper and lower tightening)
- The traditional lacing system has many fans. If some say it’s getting old, others say old things are the best. The real benefit of this system is that it allows precise adjustments for the most custom closure. If you like to ride with a loose instep and a tight upper part, it is possible. It is also very reliable because more simple than other systems.