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Women's helmet

Ladies, are you looking for a ski helmet or a snowboard helmet that will protect you with style?

Glisshop has a wide range of women ski helmets and visor ski helmets available for sale, each of them having unique features. Flashy colours or sober look, sleek design, insulating fur, women-specific helmets have never been prettier, more durable and more comfortable. Combine style and safety and find the helmet that suits you in our large selection of women ski and snowboard helmets. All the best brands are here, like Bolle, Salomon, and Smith to name just a few...

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Buyer’s guide for a women ski helmet / snowboard helmet

Why wear a wintersports helmet? Safety is the main reason but not the only one! Nowadays, helmets are a piece of fashion as well! Brands keep designing new and innovative shapes and colours to compliment women’s style and make sure they are seen on the slopes. Here are a few tips to help you make your selection.

Choosing your helmet: Safety first

No need to worry, every ski helmet or snowboard helmet for sale on Glisshop meets the European standard CE-EN 1077. Every helmet is designed to protect your head from an impact, no matter the brand or the price. Wearing a helmet when skiing or snowboarding reduces the risk of a head trauma by 10.

A ski helmet or a snowboard helmet has to be comfortable.

Even if style matters, especially to women, a ski helmet must be comfortable so you can wear it for hours without being annoyed. Among criteria of comfort, weight is one. The lighter a helmet, the more comfortable. But venting and insulation also count. A good temperature regulation helps to sweat less and being able to close the vents when it’s really cold keeps your head warmer. Make sure the helmet you pick is correctly vented to let your skull breathe and correctly insulated (with fur lining for instance) to keep you warm when conditions get rough. Note that some helmets feature a removable lining allowing you to wash it.

What size for your ski helmet or snowboard helmet?

Certain models are adjustable, others are fitted for one fixed size. First thing to do is measure your head perimeter. Measures must be taken just above your eyebrows and ears. The number of centimeters will give you the helmet size (between 51 and 66cm).

Finally, when you got all your tech requirements checked, pick a style you like. Choose a women ski helmet or a snowboard ski helmet that matches your jacket ;)

Check out our large selection of women ski helmets!