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Classic ski sets

Looking for a new pair of classic cross-country ski with bindings?

Then have a look at this! Glisshop is here to help you find the best classic ski/bindings combination for your practice. Whatever your level or motivation, we’ve got a classic ski set suited to your needs. Have a look at our selection of classic ski sets for men and women and kids and find the model that will help you leave your friends in the dust with brands like Rossignol, Atomic, Madshus, Salomon, Fischer!

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Madshus Nordic Ski Redline 3.0 Intelligrip OverviewRottefella Nordic binding Xcelerator 2.0 Classic Overview
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The classic Madshus Redline 3.0 Intelligrip cross-country ski is the perfect crossover between the performance of World Cup skis and the comfort of skins with the Intelligrip system.   

  • 197 (60-70 Kg)
  • 207 (80-90 Kg)
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Rossignol Nordic Ski X-IUM R-Skin IFP OverviewRossignol Nordic binding RACE CLASSIC Overview
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The Rossignol X-IUM R-Skin IFP cross-country ski is a particularly well-balanced compromise between comfort and performance. An excellent choice for progressing in classic style on long outings! 

  • 186


Buying guide classic cross-country ski pack

Would you like to buy a pair of classic cross-country skis with bindings? You've come to the right place! Simon Fourcade Nørdic's classic men's and women's Nordic ski packs are made for it. What's up? Wax, flake or skins skis? At first glance you don't know what to make of all these types of skis. Don't worry and follow this buying guide, which will surely help you make your choice.

For more information a tutorial on choosing classic skis has been written by the experts at Simon Fourcade Nørdic.

Choosing your restraint system according to your level.

There are three types of grip systems: wax, skins and scales. Let's start with the traditional system, hanging with wax. These skis are for people who have a very good technique and knowledge in terms of waxing. Indeed the slightest mistake or waxing error will result in steps backwards. Moreover, these cross-country skis require regular maintenance and wax removal at the end of each session.

For skiers who have neither the desire nor the knowledge in terms of grip waxing, it is preferable to choose a flake or skin grip system. With this type of classic cross-country skiing you won't have to prepare anything. The skins or scales will take care of the grip on the snow. Flake skis and skins are an ideal choice for skiers looking for a ski that is easy to use and versatile.

Which ski range suits me best?

Once you have determined your attachment system it is time to choose your classic ski. This is an important step as each ski has its own characteristics. To help you in your choice we have determined three different levels.

The first ski category is for skiers who have a "Leisure" approach to Nordic skiing. It includes skis that do not require a great technical accuracy. They are there to help you move around easily and to make beautiful outings without worrying about technique. It's the ideal choice to get to know your first sliding sensations.

The second category is aimed at regular skiers looking for a ski that can help them progress technically while working on their physical condition. We are dealing here with skis for "sportsmen". The skis referenced in this category offer a very good quality of glide while remaining accessible and tolerant to small technical imperfections.

We are now entering the ultimate category, Race/Expert. It includes skis capable of meeting the expectations of the most demanding skiers. The higher camber than skis in other categories requires a good technical foundation to be effective.

Which size of cross-country ski to choose?

The size of a classic cross-country ski is calculated according to the weight of the skier. Why should I choose the right size? It should not be forgotten that on a classic ski part of the sole is intended for grip. You must therefore be careful not to take a ski that is too steep to keep an effective grip.

Here is a size chart for traditional classic skis:
- 45 to 55 Kg = 187 to 190 cm
- 55 to 65 Kg = 192 to 198 cm
- 65 to 75 Kg = 200 to 203 cm
- 75 kg and + = 205 to 208 cm

Attention, this grid is for information only, the size of the skis may vary by a few centimetres depending on the brand. Compact skis are not subject to this grid because they are shorter in order to be more manoeuvrable and safer for beginner skiers.

Which cross-country ski binding should I choose?

The choice of a binding is made according to 2 criteria.

- The first one corresponds to the standard of your skating boots. Some of these boots are not compatible with all bindings. The simplest way to know your standard with certainty is to look under your boot. If 2 bars are present you are under the SNS Pilot standard, the choice of your binding is thus simple you need the same standard. If you only find one bindings bar then you have the choice between the NNN and Prolink standards which are compatible.

- The second one is the model of the binding. But don't worry, the experts at Simon Fourcade Nørdic have already pre-selected bindings to suit your skis. All you have to do is choose the one that matches the standard of your boots.

For more information please go to the tutorial on standard bindings in the section "our tips".

Your classic ski pack is assembled by our technicians!

After these few choices, our technicians will assemble the bindings on your skis. Thanks to this you will only have to put on your skis and travel the miles of slopes with your new equipment!