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Women's gloves

Women gloves or mitts are super important if you want to keep your hands warm and dry all day. Manufacturers are being more and more creative and they have dozens of models available, all with their own specifications. But if you want to make sure your hands don’t get cold this winter, you need to pick the right pair, adapted to your hands, to your style and to the conditions you will encounter. On Glisshop.co.uk, you will find a large selection of ski gloves, mitts, 3-finger mittens, all designed to keep your hands dry all day and help you enjoy the mountain as you should. We especially recommend the Dakine models, always warm and comfy!

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Buyer’s guide for a pair of ski or snowboard glove for women.

In order to spend a great winter, there’s nothing better than a good pair of gloves or a warm pair of mitts. You probably wonder what is the difference between all the models available and which one you should get to keep your hands warm. Just read our guide and you’ll have the answer.

How to choose the size of your gloves?

The traditional mistake made when picking a pair of gloves, it is the size. Too often, people buy a pair that is too tight for them. The thermal insulation being ensured by the air caught inside the lining, if the glove is too tight, there is less air and therefore less insulation. Moreover, your blood flow will be affected as well and you’ll get cold faster.

This is why your ski or snowboard gloves need to be adjusted, they must not be too tight nor too large. However, if you are using extra thermal glove liners, then you need to get wider gloves in order to increase the air volume inside.

Should you get silk glove liners or not?

Whether it’s silk or synthetic materials, glove liners bring extra heat when conditions get really harsh. The main benefit of silk is how thin, light and soft it is. However, silk tends to retain moisture which doesn’t go well with cold conditions. Starting from there, manufacturers began to use other materials offering more breathability. Whatever the material used, the main goal of a glove liner is to let you take off your glove and still have your hand protected. You get optimal agility and can do precise gesture with the liners on, such as closing a zipper, dial on your phone, use your DVA, wipe your goggles and so on.

I’m still cold even with glove liners and gloves on...what should I do?

If there is one thing we can state, it’s that women are more sensitive to cold than men. This is why they generally pay more attention to their skiing equipment as it needs to be adapted to their needs. If gloves and glove liners are not enough, then it’s time to consider mittens. Mittens are the warmest handwear available on the market. Why? With fingers held altogether, hands generate more heat compared to a traditional pair of gloves. With women mitts, your hands will never be cold again.

How about 3-finger mitts?

These products are a hybrid mix between gloves and mittens, they offer good agility and great thermal insulation. It is a very interesting choice for those who want the best of both worlds.

What are the best tips to keep your hands warm at all times?

Try to avoid using a wet pair of gloves.

Always carry with you an extra pair of gloves, made of wool, that you keep in a dry place in your bag. This way, even if your gloves get wet, you can always change for a dry pair and warm your hands up. Tips: Keep your extra pair in a plastic bag. Even if your backpack gets wet, you know your gloves are dry.

When you take off your gloves or your mitts, never put them on the ground! Store them somewhere dry, in your jacket for example.

Protect the ends of your body (beanie, socks) because often, if your hands get cold, it is the sign that your entire body feels cold.

Fight against moisture and sweat especially after important physical efforts. When you suddenly stop moving, the sweat makes the body temperature drop quickly which can be painful and cause finger numbness. The solution is to wear breathable equipment featuring venting systems. This will help moisture evacuation. And if you can, the best is to carry replacement clothing, in case you get really wet.

Swing your arms in a circular way. This pushes blood towards your hands and heats them up.

Now that you know everything, have a look at our women glove and mitts cornes!