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OTG ski goggles for glasses

Can I wear ski goggles over my glasses?

The answer is yes! Most of the brands now make ski and snowboard goggles suited for eyeglasses. These are the OTG (Over The Glasses) goggles. The ski goggles are one of the most important accessories you can buy so if you are wearing eyeglasses and don't want to feel the cold hurting your eyes, the OTG goggles were made for you! They are designed go over most prescription glasses and incorporate foam for a perfect waterproofing and anatomical fit. The OTG goggles are also deeper than your classic goggles and feature extra spaces to allow you to fit your glasses inside. Do not waste a second and browse through our selection of OTG ski goggles for men, women and kids from all the best brands in the industry to find the goggles of your dreams!

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A few tips to get the most out of your OTG goggles:

- If possible, try to avoid wearing glasses with metallic frames under your OTG goggles as they tend to attract the cold and mist up more quickly (particularly as your body heat increases). Ideally, wear plastic eyeglasses with anti fog treatment.

- The OTG ski goggles are available for men, women and kids so that anyone can find its match.

- The better the quality is, the clearer your vision will be. Big names such as Julbo, Smith, Oakley have developed very performant lens technologies.

- The colour of the lens also deserves your attention, for example, a grey lens will give you a real perception of the natural colours when a brown lens will accentuate your perception of the elevation.

- Be especially careful with the lens category when you buy something: a category 1 lens will be ideal for bad weather days whereas a category 3 is destined for sunny days. By the way, some OTG goggles are sold with two interchangeable lenses to make sure that you’ll be well prepared to face all weather conditions. The most demanding riders will appreciate the OTG photochromic ski goggles that change shade automatically depending on the ambiant light.

How much are the OTG goggles?

The price of OTG ski goggles can go from £35 up to £180 on the high-end models which means the prices are more or less the same as the classic goggles. The shape and depth being the only differences. And just like on the normal ones, the price difference mainly comes from the integrated technologies. A photochromic or polarized lense will make the prices go up but the view you’ll get in exchange is truly exceptional.

The Cairn brand offers the most economic models with goggles under £45 like the Visor and the Spot. For top-of-the-range models, brands such as Oakley and Julbo offer OTG goggles equipped with the best Prizm and Reactiv Photochromic lenses.

What are the best goggles for glasses wearers?

Nowadays, all brands have the duty to offer OTG ski goggles. We made a list of the best goggles for spectacles wearers below.

Scott Unlimited II OTG for men:

Inspired by the Unlimited II model, the Scott Unlimited II OTG ski goggles offer a very subtle but very specific characteristic that makes wearing eyeglasses possible. On the frame sides, Scott created a little slot designed to fit your eyeglasses arms without creating painful pressure points. It’s just a detail but it will make them very comfortable and really easy to use for the ones who are not used to OTG goggles. Beyond that, these goggles offer the same functionalities as the normal Scott Unlimited II, including Scott’s NoFog treatment, the Optiview dual spherical lens, the ACS ventilating system and many others. Ideal to keep a clear and comfortable vision on the slopes!

OTG ski goggles Scott Unlimited II

Julbo Elara OTG for women:

With their very refined style, these women ski goggles come with a dual spherical lens and an anti-fog treatment for an unlimited field of view. Photochromic and polarized versions exist for an optimal view whatever the weather conditions. At last, they are pretty pleasant to wear with their double foam coating that adapts to the contours of the face to keep you protected from the cold.

OTG Julbo Elara goggles

Cébé Cheeky OTG for kids:

With Cébé, kids with glasses weren’t forgotten! These OTG ski goggles are a good entry model with dual spherical lens. The polycarbonate/acetate conception creates an effective thermal barrier between the cold on the outside and the heat coming from the inside, giving your kid a perfect view on the slopes!

kids OTG Cébé Cheeky ski goggles

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