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Snow boots

What winter boots or which Moon Boot are right for you?

Walking on the snow feels great, as long as snow doesn’t come inside your shoes.That’s one of the reasons why we thoroughly recommend to wear winter boots when you’re on ski holidays. It makes things a lot more comfortable, your feet stay warmer and snow boots are designed to cope with snowy streets. They provide traction and help you stay standing. Snow boots can save you from a bad fall on the sidewalk. On Glisshop we have a large range of Original Moon Boots that are still leading fashion 40 years after the first line was released, but we also have more technical products like the Sorel boots or DVS and other Salomon boots. Check out our men's snow boots and women's collection right now!

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Buyer’s guide for a pair of warm and comfortable winter boots

Winter boots are for the entire family! Both kids and parents need them to walk safetly in the snowy streets of the resort and keep their feet warm no matter how cold it gets outside. They are a great pick if you’re planning to take your kids on a sledge race or if you just want something waterproof on your feet. You will find the best products available on the market on Glisshop in our winter boots corner. Original Moon Boots, Sorel, Salomon, DVS, we use the most reliable manufacturers to provide you with the best possible performance!

How to pick an affordable pair of winter boots

High cuff, low profile, leather or synthetic, there are so many models of boots available that compulsive buyers may want to get them all. If you’re wiser of if your budget is limited, take the time to think about what you really need. What are you going to do with these boots? If you’re looking for something that you can wear in the streets and that can keep rain out, a low-profile shoe like a pair of DVS will do. You may know the brand for their famous skateshoes but they also make snow-friendly footwear utilising leather and providing waterproofness and breathability. However, those who like to walk in the snow, go out for a hike in snowshoes, should focus on high profile winter shoes. They look very similar to summer hiking shoes but their construction isn’t. Summer shoes need to be light and vented when winter boots need to be warm and insulated. In this field, Sorel, the canadian brand, excels. The brand making products with a polar bear on can build boots that can handle extreme temperatures down to -40°C. Top this up with a gorgeous finish and premium materials and you get a fantastic products on your feet. It makes no doubt canadians know how to deal with the cold!

How to pick the Moon Boots that are right for you?

Here’s a boot that goes through the years without getting old. The Original Moon Boot was born in the 70’s and has been a best-seller since. Some love their shape and their unique style while others are fond of their fancy colours but one sure thing, all agree on saying the boots are one of the most comfortable piece of footwear they ever tried. Make your life easier in the resort, get yourself some Moon Boots!

Don’t wait any longer, winter boots are best for your feet!