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Men's helmets

Why should you buy your ski helmet or your snowboard helmet with Glisshop?

We have many models of ski helmets and snowboard helmets available for you, sold at the best price with a premium delivery service. Picking a helmet that fits well is making sure you spend a winter with your head protected.

Whether you are into freeride or into freestyle, we thoroughly recommend wearing a ski helmet when skiing or snowboarding. Not only helmets protect you but they're also a piece of fashion. So come on, find your ski helmet in our lineup.

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Buyer’s guide for a ski helmet or a snowboard helmet for men

You are wondering how to pick your ski helmet? It is not all about style even if style matters. Here are a few tips on how to pick the right helmet for your head.

Freestyle, freeride, piste: which helmet for what?

There are such thing as freeride-specific or freestyle-specific helmets even if these types of skiing have made helmets popular. However, if you are a freestyler, you may want a helmet incorporating a venting system: in the park, you move a lot which makes you feel warm quicker. Off-piste, we recommend to avoid helmets with integrated audio-systems. For safety reasons, you need to be able to hear what’s happening around and behind you.

These types of riding are extreme and wearing a helmet seems normal when you ride besides rocks, cliffs or iron rails and park kickers, don’t forget that risks are the same when skiing on piste and a helmet can save your life.

What details can make a difference?

A traditional helmet is is built in two parts: the outer and the inner shell. In-mold helmets on the other hand are made of one block and offer a better fit, better venting and more lightweight. This type of construction also enhances their durability and makes them stronger against impacts.

Venting systems can be very different. Some have a permanent venting and some have an adjustable one! The inner lining is sometimes removable and washable. You can find some that can be soft and fluffy made of fleece. Most earpads are removable, some carry integrated earphones, some can host them.

How long can a ski helmet last?

Tests have proven that after 3 years of use, a helmet becomes weaker, so better change it once you reach this limit.

Just like a helmet for motorbike or bicycle, we consider that when a helmet has received a shock, it becomes ineffective, even if the impact is not visible on the shell. Indeed, the structure may be altered. This is why you should be careful with your helmet, avoid dropping it on the floor and make sure it’s nicely stuck in the car trunk when you travel.

Well, now you know everything! Browse our selection and pick your favourite model amongst all our brands: Bolle, Scott, Smith, Casco, Cairn, Diezz are just a few of the big names we’ve got on Glisshop.co.uk! And if you want something different, why not go for a visor helmet?