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The biathlon champion Simon FOURCADE associates with the online wintersports expert for an explosive new cocktail! The mission of this new brand is to offer the best nordic skiing equipment at the best price. SIMON FOURCADE NØRDIC by Glisshop: when the effort becomes pleasure.

Cross-country skiing belongs to the nordic skiing category which also encompasses biathlon, ski jumping and Nordic combined. Cross-country skiing is a sport based on endurance. We can highlight two main skiing techniques: the classic (diagonal stride) or the skating. Cross-country skiing is a combination of power and technique, it requires the use of most of your muscles and it is considered as a fitness sport since you need to use stamina and strength for variable periods of time.

Born over 3000 years ago in Norway, cross-country skiing remained very popular in Scandinavia where it belongs to the cultural habits of its population. Before being a sport, cross-country skiing was a way to move and travel in the country and remained as such for centuries. In Norway, a pair of nordic skis is a common purchase, it is pretty much like buying a pair of trainers in southern Europe. If you happen to travel to Oslo, expect to see norwegian people carrying their skis in the tube.

In alpine countries, nordic skiing is mostly popular in the Jura mountains where the nordic culture dominates, as is norwegians themselves settled down there. More recently, nordic skiing interest grew up in France thanks to the outstanding results of the french athletes in Biathlon, Cross-Country Skiing and Nordic Combined. The media coverage has increased a lot along with the number of amateur skiers who discovered the joys of healthy sport do-able in amazingly beautiful landscapes.

More and more people are either running or biking during summer as they want to improve their stamina. Cross-country skiing is slowly becoming the alternative sport for winter as it enables to work on the same things. This new trend has brought the manufacturers to re-invent and design new products suited for more skiers.

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