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Skating bindings

Need to buy new ski bindings to match your pair of skating skis?

Simon Fourcade Nørdic offers a large range of skating bindings. They are a very important piece of equipment since they are the only link between your foot and your ski and so, they must be adapted to your style and needs. You will find all the norms available on the market here, make your choice by taking into consideration the compatibility of your boots and install them yourself. With Simon Fourcade Nordic you are sure to find your men's skating bindings and women's skating bindings as well as a range of special kids bindings made especially for small builds. If you have questions regarding the various norms, you should look up our tutorial in our Guides section or contact us directly if you prefer, we will be happy to guide you.

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Your guide to buy the right skating bindings.

Skate ski bindings are what link your feet and your skis. It's an essential part for handling your skis with precision and for transfering power to them. They hook on the boot on the tip of your foot in order to give your heel the freedom of movement it needs for cross-country skiing. A rigid flex will limit forward motions and maximize the proximity between boot and binding.

Just like the skis, the nordic bindings can be more or less performing. From the lightest and more technical binding to the simpler and most securing one, you are bound to find bindings suited to your level of practice here.

For a few years now, the market has been divided in two norms or categories. The SNS Pilot norm and the rest. If you're unfamiliar with those terms, please read our tutorial on binding systems.

Skating bindings with Turnamic system:

On the market since the 2017/2018 winter, this binding system was developed by Rossignol and Fischer. These two major nordic ski brands have created a system in total adequation with their skis. Answering the IFP mounting norms, the Turnamic bindings are exclusively compatible with the plates of the Rossignol and Fischer skis. The screwless installation allows for an adaptation of the skating bindings depending on the conditions. But no worries, the binding possesses two guide rails compatible with the NNN and Prolink norms.

Norm: Turnamic
Mounting: IFP plate only (no tools required)
Boot compatibility: Turnamic, NNN and Prolink

Skating bindings with NNN system:

This system was dominant before the rise of the Turnamic norm. Nowadays, it is mostly found on Madshus skis. Mounted on rails these bindings, that you move using a little tool, can be installed easily and their position can be adjusted depending on the snow conditions. This system is compatible with the NNN, Turnamic and Prolink norms.

Norm: NNN
Mounting: NIS plate only (with a tool)
Boot compatibility: NNN, Turnamic and Prolink.

Skating bindings with Prolink system:

Launched on the market during the 2016/2017 winter, the Prolink system gave a new impetus to Salomon and Atomic. With its dual-rail guiding system, this norm is compatible with NNN and Turnamic. Thanks to this norm, you can now combine a Salomon boot with an NNN or Turnamic binding without having to drill your skis. The Prolink bindings (Salomon and Atomic) have to be screwed. Regarding the mounting, since the 2017 season, the skis come pre-drilled.

Norm: Prolink
Mounting: screwing: Salomon or Atomic skis or on NIS plate after drilling.
Boot compatibility: Prolink, NNN and Turnamic

Skating bindings with SNS Pilot system:

Revealed at the Nagano Olympic Games in 1998, the SNS Pilot system is the oldest bindings norm on the market. Salomon is the only brand still using this system which has the particularity of having a second hook inserted in the sole of the Pilot boots and only one guiding rail. There are no more compatibilities with the other more recent norms. This type of bindings is mounted with screws on the skis. Yet, it is still possible to install it on skis fitted with an NIS plate.

Norm: SNS Pilot
Mounting: screwing: Salomon or Atomic skis or on an NIS plate after drilling.
Boot compatibility: SNS Pilot only