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Ski socks

How to pick your skiing socks this winter?

People who live in cold areas know it, if you want to get through the day comfortably, you need to keep your feet warm and dry. And the best weapon against cold is a good pair of socks. The most effective socks need to be close-fitting and breathable. On Glisshop, you will find great socks for juniors, men or women. You can even find self-heating socks made by Therm-Ic that work on batteries. So, before checking out, make sure you add a pair of warm socks in your cart!

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Buyer’s guide for a pair of skiing socks for kids or adults

Who has never felt cold at the end of the day with your toes frozen like ice cubes? You know how painful it can be! If you want to avoid this, make sure you wear a good pair of socks that suits you. Socks, unlike what most oeple think, don’t have to be thick to be warm. A sock too thick could even have the opposite effect. How? Increasing the thickness increases the volume inside the boot and your foot will feel more compressed. The more compression, the less blood flow, and that’s exactly how you get frozen feet. We have selected for you over 40 models of socks all featuring innovative and reliable materials to keep you warm. Have a look on Glisshop and buy socks for the whole family. Therm-Ic, X-Socks, Conformable Sidas or Monnet, they’re all here!

What are the warmest ski socks available?

May they be made out of synthetic fibre or merino wool, a good ski sock must be fitted to your foot size. Manufacturers who became expert in winter clothing like X-Socks have developped an innovative construction that lets the foot breathe while protecting ankle and shin from friction. This type of sock will keep you dry longer. But if you are really sensitive to cold you can also buy a pair of self-heating socks. The PowerSock by Therm-Ic is one of them and one of the first sock that comes with a battery! You can select the heat level from 3 different positions and you get a gentle heat from heel to toe for 14 hours. Just remember to recharge the batteries at night so you can ski every day in comfort.

What is the most comfortable ski sock available?

Comfort is provided partly by the boot and its liner, which can be more or less ergonomic, and by the sock. On Glisshop, every ski sock we have was developped to provide a close fitting to maximise comfort. But if you are an aggressive skier or if you lean forward when skiing, you may feel some pain on your shin which is in contact with the tongue. To avoid that, the manufacturer Conformable Sidas has released the Protective Gel sock which is the first ski sock to use Silithene gel in the shin area. It helps to protect it and significantly improves comfort.

If you want to turn cold into an old memory, make sure you got the right socks for next winter!