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Craft Nordic Neckwarmer Tour De Cou FFS 2022 OverviewCraft Nordic Neckwarmer Tour De Cou FFS 2022 Detail
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The FFS 2022 Nordic neck warmer from Craft is a practical model to protect your neck from the elements, it benefits from a light, stretch and breathable polyester construction.  

Odlo Nordic Neckwarmer Tube Light France Overview
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The Odlo Tube Light France cross-country ski neckband provides good protection for the throat and neck. Lightweight and stretchy, it's the perfect accessory to take with you everywhere in winter.

Loffler Multifunctional Tube Red Loffler Multifunctional Tube Red
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  • Loffler Multifunctional Tube Black White
  • Loffler Multifunctional Tube Red


Nordic Ski Neckwarmer Buying Guide :

Now an essential part of the cross-country skier's clothing, the neck strap protects the neck and neck when the temperatures are difficult. With a look, sober, flashy or in the colors of certain countries, there is bound to be one that you will like.

How do I use a Nordic neck warmer?

There are a thousand and one ways to use a choker. Basically, it is put on by the head to add thickness to the throat when the conditions are cold. It can also be pulled up under the cap to protect the neck and earlobes. You can also fold it up to make a headband. All reasons are good to wear a Nordic choker.