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Sports food

During an outdoor activity you spend a lot of energy. If the event lasts long and requires endurance, you might show signs of fatigue, loss of focus and your body will manifest its needs. Nothing should replace a healthy, balanced and appropriate diet, however you can rely on energy bars, gels, fruit puree pouches or food supplements to provide a direct and steady intake of minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. These various ways to compensate energetic losses come with their own advantages and drawbacks. Gels offer sugars, vitamins and minerals intake that can be absorbed immediately and bars can contain more proteins. Fruit purees have the particularity of favouring slower assimilation, being more digestible and avoiding the reactive hypoglycaemia that follows the glycaemic peak. Food supplements can also bring some support to the body to help it work at the maximum of its potential, limit muscle soreness, repair muscle fibres and improve focus.

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