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Men's touring sets

Give yourself a treat and get your own touring skis thanks to our selection of our touring ski package for men

Forget about renting and enjoy our men ski packages. All you have to do is pick your touring skis, then select a binding you like and we ship everything fitted together, adapted to your needs. All you have to do is open the box, stick the skins on them and start climbing the mountain. Ready for it?

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Buyer’s guide for a men ski package

How to choose your touring ski set? Even if the main goal is to climb to the peak in the middle of nowhere and enjoy an amazing descent on powder snow, the choice of your skis and bindings is extremely important. Depending on it, your ascents will be more or less difficult and the performance on the downhill can be very different. The first thing to do is make sure you know what you expect from a touring ski and how you tour. If you only do a few tours in the season, you won’t get the same skis as if you were touring every single day.

There are several types of use, they will determine what type of ski you need.

Light touring skis to explore the entire mountain

There are the tourers looking for high versatility. They want light skis to be able to climb but they also want to be able to ski down powder and groomers easily. If this is you, better pick a ski with a waist width between 75mm and 100mm, a rockered tip for added floatation and manoeuverability and a flat tail enhancing control on hard snow. In terms of bindings, models with plates like the Diamir Scout will do the job and will let you climb without too much trouble while ensuring good performance on the downhill. Of course, you can also go for low tec bindings which are lighter and will make your ascents easier.

Touring skis for freeride-oriented riders:

The other current trend in the world of touring is to make approaches with freeride skis, mid-fat or fat, in order to reach now spots. In this case, the most important thing is to have a sturdy ski that can handle high speed and steep couloirs with ease. This means you’re not looking for ultimate lightweight but for power. Ascents are more difficult cause your skis are heavier, but they are not as long, the main goal is to have fun on the downhill.