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Rossignol ski helmets

Rossignol ski helmet: a key accessory

You don’t necessarily need to jump off cliffs or practice extreme skiing to risk a fall or a collision. You have probably hit somebody on the slopes when you were learning, or you hit a tree you couldn’t avoid. Surely you have already lost balance and fell on the icy slope.

This is the reason why Rossignol ski and snowboard helmets have the standard CE EN 1077 which guarantees high protection during impacts without compromising comfort. Ergonomic settings are allowed by the Boa system and often you will benefit from an active venting system. Women, men or junior models, flashy or sober colours, there are many models available covering a large range of price, from 20 to £120.

Low-end Rossignol ski helmets are built in two parts which is the traditional way of making a helmet. The latest helmets or higher-priced ones benefit from an In-mold construction offering more lightweight and more comfort. And if you are into speed, you can also go for a helmet featuring stiff earpads and adjustable chinguard to get the best protection ever.

With nearly 10 millions of people riding on the french slopes every winter, it can sometimes be tough to share between skiers, snowboarders, snowscoots, sledges and even snowcats and canons! Each ‘vehicle’ has its own line and turns meaning everyone has to be cautious.

Every year, it is about 150,000 accidents that we can count in France, 3% of them inculde traumatic brain injuries. Big manufacturers like Rossignol have worked hard on the problem to develop new products for skiing or snowboarding, that would provide more protection and more style in order to turn helmets into a fashionable and useful piece of equipment.

You also need to remember that a Rossignol ski helmet has a lifespan like any Personal Protective Equipment. It varies from 3 to 5 years depending on how much you use it, on the temperature variations or on how much UV it receives. Of course, it needs to be replaced immediately after a shock or impact. But don’t forget that the best protection is caution!