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It is in 1992 that the company Neil Pryde LTD creates Flow, their snowboard department, committed to build a new type of Flow snowboard binding with a quick entry system. After numerous tests, the first ever rear-entry binding was introduced at ISPO Munich in 1996. Released the following year, the brand sells 15,000 pairs of it which is a lot. The next year, it is 75,000 pairs. A crazy number after only 2 years of existence. Many upgrades were to follow, in 1998 appears the steel wire that helps you lock the highback or in 2000 the Pro Series was released, integrating a carbon construction for more performance. Flow didn't only make bindings at the time, they also had a line of boots featuring their notorious Shark outsole. But there was something missing. To fix this they decided to release a line of decks in 2002. It featured 14 boards including 3 signature models for their pro riders. In 2006, the brand released a new generation of NXT bindings. They completely redefined the high end of the range. Lighter construction, elaborated design, superior materials... And to make sure they kept the lead, they went even further. In 2009 was released the 24K REAL, a gold-plated high-performance binding...crazy huh? But it worked, it established Flow as one of the best binding manufacturers and the brand ranked second in the industry. Innovations kept coming, the Active Strap Technology, the Hybrid PowerCapStrap, the N.A.S.T.Y system. Flow is restless and has worked hard during the past 20 years to provide riders with the best products ever. There are not many brands who can say they brought a revolution to their world. Flow did with the back-in system and that demands respect.

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Flow Snowboard Binding Nexus Black OverviewFlow Snowboard Binding Nexus Black Back
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The Nexus Black snowboard binding is the new entry level binding from Flow, offering tolerance, Comfort and equipped with a lighter base and of course a very practical rear entry system.

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      Flow Snowboard Binding Omni Black OverviewFlow Snowboard Binding Omni Black Side CLEARANCE
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      The Omni Black is a fast women's snowboard binding developed by the Flow brand, offering responsiveness throughout the resort while allowing you to maintain playability and great riding comfort.

      • Flow Snowboard Binding Omni Black Overview
      • M (36-41)