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Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is a norwegian brand founded in 1877, dedicated to making clothing adapted to the most extreme conditions like the ones you may meet in Lapland. Back in the day, captain Helly Juell Hansen and his wife work on durable and waterproof pieces of clothing. To keep elements at bay, they have the idea of coating their products with oil to make them hydrophobic. Success was immediate and everyone, especially sailors, began wearing Helly Hansen's products. The brand kept looking for new technologies and innovations and it went onto the next level in 1949 with their Helox series. It incorporated a layer of PVC that brought the same waterproofing as the oil treatment but it was a lot lighter. Production goes over 30,000 coats a year. Helly Hansen products are so good that the Norwegian team decides to wear it at the 1952 Olympics.

R&Ds keep testing new stuff and in 1961 they release one of the first thermal synthetic layer. It has the particularity of staying warm when it's wet. In 1970, the first thermal underwear hits the market: the Lifa. The brand keeps going and releases in 1984 the new Helly Tech membrane, a waterproof and breathable material that can shield you from rain and snow while keeping your body breathing through efforts. Helly Hansen notoriety is at its highest, their products fly off the shelves and are worn by every skiers and mountain professionals.

Yet, it was still not enough for Helly Hansen who keeps going. The brand introduces the Prowool in 1990, a material combining Lifa and merino wool. Prowool brings the best heat retention and thermal regulation along with excellent moisture wicking properties. In 2004 Helly Hansen goes into the shoe industry and in 2008 it made a 3-layer jacket named the Odin jacket. Since then, Helly Hansen keeps leading the market and the outdoor industry. Their products are incredibly well made and feature unparalleled finish.

This is the story of Helly Hansen and this is the reason why you can find their products on Glisshop. We have a full range of Helly Hansen jackets and Helly Hansen pants suited for mountaineering. Whether you are a skier, a snowboarder or a tourer, Helly Hansen products ensure an optimal protection against rough weather conditions. If it's from the cold that you want to hide, check out our selection of Helly Hansen down jackets or our thermal base layers.

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