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Founded by the brothers Bryce and Tyler Kloster in 2008, Karakoram is an innovative brand that specialises in splitboarding equipment, born from a passion for snowboarding and mountaineering. Based in North Bend, Washington, Karakoram is committed to pushing the boundaries of performance and reliability in the mountains. It is recognised for its revolutionary splitboard bindings, which offer a smooth transition between ascending and descending modes, as well as for their durability and efficiency in the backcountry. The brand embodies values of sustainability, quality, and innovation, with a focus on local design and manufacturing.

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Karakoram Snowboard Binding Grizzly OverviewKarakoram Snowboard Binding Grizzly Back
  • £482.21

The Prime Grizzly is an entry level splitboard binding from Karakoram, offering all the practicality and durability of the Karakoram system, with a more accessible performance level and a more affordable price.  

  • S (38-41)
  • M (41-44.5)
  • L (45-47)
Karakoram Snowboard Binding Nomad OverviewKarakoram Snowboard Binding Nomad Back
  • £718.81

The Karakoram Prime Nomad is a middle of the range splitboard binding offering nice performances both in the ascents and descents, without being the most technical from Karakoram either.  

  • M (41-44.5)
  • L (45-47)
Karakoram Snowboard Binding Connect Free Ranger OverviewKarakoram Snowboard Binding Connect Free Ranger Back
  • £573.21

The Karakoram Prime Connect Free Ranger is a splitboard binding offering beautiful performances while remaining comfortable throughout your sessions.

  • S (38-41)
  • M (41-44.5)
  • L (45-47)
Karakoram Snowboard Binding Prime Nomad Women's + Interface OverviewKarakoram Snowboard Binding Prime Nomad Women's + Interface Side
  • Recommended price




The Karakoram Prime Nomad Women's is a women's splitboard binding offering both lots of performance, strength and lightness to munch through elevation gains and fly down the mountain. 

  • M (41-44.5)