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Born in 2012, the German brand KinetiXx specializes in the manufacture of winter gloves for skiing and biathlon. The brand relies on the know-how of the W+R company from which it depends. Founded in 1928 by Gerber Jakob Weiblen and Theodor Rümmelin, W+R equips professionals and protects their main tool: 90 years of expertise and the famous German quality at the service of your hands! By launching its KinetiXx brand, the glove manufacturer offers its experience to the general public with functional and performant models made for outdoor activities. The KinetiXx gloves integrate the revolutionary Shaktec technology for an optimal grip and flawless power transfers. Their motto? Comfort, protection and performance! 

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Kinetixx Gant Nordique Eike France OverviewKinetixx Gant Nordique Eike France Side Christmas Deal
  • £63.61

The Kinetixx Eike France cross-country ski gloves are a model perfectly adapted to competition in cross-country skiing and Biathlon. A competition glove in the colours of the French Nordic teams.

  • 7 (S)
  • 7.5 (S)
  • 9 (L)
  • 9.5 (L)
  • 10 (XL)
  • 10.5 (XL)
Kinetixx Gant Nordique Keke Martin Fourcade Junior OverviewKinetixx Gant Nordique Keke Martin Fourcade Junior Side Christmas Deal
  • £45.41

These gloves for young skiers offer a high level of performance and very good protection against the elements.

  • 4